Vein Melania Announcement Released Amidst Pandemic


Americans may soon get a closer look at First Lady Melania Trump, who has frequently stayed in the background during her husband’s time as president. Some time ago, she announced a “Be Best” initiative to bring attention to anti-bullying and related issues, but besides the handful of events that she’s done in line with that idea (which she actually unveiled with recycled Obama-era materials) — she hasn’t done much. Now, publisher Simon & Schuster has announced that an “unauthorized” biography of Melania will be published on June 16. Called The Art of Her Deal, riffing off her husband’s infamous book The Art of the Deal, the volume is the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Mary Jordan, who’s worked with The Washington Post.

Jordan reportedly interviewed over 100 people in preparation for the book’s publication. Although she’s interviewed the First Lady herself for other outlets, that list does not include Melania, who’s only given a small selection of interviews during her time at the White House.

Simon & Schuster shared:

‘Documenting Melania’s key role in Trump’s political life before and at the White House, Jordan sheds light on the otherwise mysterious Melania and shows who she really is — a savvy, steely, ambitious, deliberate woman who knows how to play the long game. And while it is her husband who became famous for the phrase ‘the art of the deal,’ it is Melania who has consistently pulled off deals that bring her exactly what she wants. This is the art of her deal.’

The book follows a slew of books from former Trump administration staffers and others around the White House that have captured the public’s attention.

Those from inside the administration with high-profile releases have included books by former officials Omarosa Manigault-Newman, James Comey, and more, while pieces have also dropped like Fear by longtime journalist Bob Woodward, which the president publicly complained about. That book contained startling revelations like the claim that some of the president’s now former staffers kept him from signing destructive documents via literally removing them from his desk. Thus — voila, diplomatic crisis averted. Example situations included Trump’s antagonism towards South Korea, whose bilateral free trade agreement with the U.S. Trump reportedly wanted to end, and his animosity towards the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement — otherwise known as NAFTA — which Trump eventually ended up negotiating an only slightly reworked version of.

It’s unclear whether there will be any big political bombshells in the new book about Melania. The publisher says that the story ranges “From Slovenia, where her family stood out for their nonconformity to her days as a fledgling model in Europe to a tiny space in Manhattan she shared platonically with a male photographer to the long dating dance that finally landed her Donald Trump.”

Melania, while in the White House, has frequently failed to weigh in on matters of significant importance to the United States. Startling some, she even resorted to her “Be Best” program in a recent public announcement welcoming Stephanie Grisham as her new chief of staff. Apparently, it’s still a thing…