NY Governor & Mayor Clash Over When Schools Open


Clearly, Donald Trump is itching to return the nation to economic activity, but it may be too early to do so safely. The president appears to be considering the stock market and his gut instead of the opinion of his top health care advisors. In reality, they said it is too early and risks a relapse — both in economic and in health. This is what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose state has been hit the hardest, had to say on the matter.

In his last press conference on Sunday, Cuomo said that he would be working with both New Jersey and Connecticut to decide when New York City would come out of its economic hibernation.  Axios reported:

‘People want to get on with their lives, people want to get out of the house, [they’ve got] cabin fever. We need the economy working, people need a paycheck, life has to function. When do we reopen? Look, the answer is we want to reopen as soon as possible. Everyone does on a societal level; everyone does on a personal level.’

Cuomo had said earlier “Stay inside. Save a life…be smart, be disciplined, be loving. You could kill.” At his press conference, he continued, restating that “we need to be smart:”

‘We want to reopen as soon as possible. The caveat is, we need to be smart in the way that we reopen. It means a coordinated approach, it means a regional approach, and it means a safe approach.’

It was uncertain whether Cuomo was clashing with the New York mayor who declared that both the city’s public and private school systems would remain closed.

Then, at his news conference, Cuomo commented on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) comment about keeping the city’s schools closed for the remainder of the school year:

‘That’s his opinion, but he didn’t close them, and he can’t open them.’

As of this writing, New York has 188,694 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 9,385 deaths. There have been 561,103 confirmed cases in the U.S. and 22,106 confirmed deaths, according to Google.