Obama Makes Presidential Endorsement Announcement


Five days ago 2020 presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorsed former vice president Joe Biden (D-DE). Biden made clear he would have to earn Sanders’ supporters’ vote. Sanders brought his own movement into the public eye by consistently living his mandates for decades, and Biden will have to incorporate some of Sanders’ issues. The news is that Sanders’ movement continues, and another powerful politician is set to endorse Biden.

President Barack Obama, representing the Democratic establishment is set to endorse his vice president Joe Biden for president, according to NPR. Over the past four years of the Donald Trump presidency, Obama has remained remarkably popular among Democrats. In addition, 44 is a powerful campaigner.

Biden has set himself up as the most “winnable” candidate and unabashedly joined Obama at the hip. He frequently referred to “my buddy Barack” as he campaigned. Previously, the former Delaware senator said he asked Obama to not endorse him during the primary process.

Obama did not endorse his former secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016 until she officially won the nomination.

During a CBS 60 Minutes interview in October, Biden said:

‘I want to earn this on my own.’

Biden, 77, will be the oldest candidate to ever run for the American presidency. His climb to the top of the Democratic party brought him the usual criticism: his age, being too moderate, working too closely with the Democratic establishment, helping the party move left, too infrequent rallies, and more.

It appears, Biden will include some of Sanders’ goals, such as forgiving student debt for lower and middle-income families.

Obama’s endorsement of Biden will allow the Democrats to mend the party’s factions. Now, the former vice president can move forward against Donald Trump unencumbered.

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