Minister Tells Congregation To Hand Over Stimulus Checks


Many people assume that ministers are good, spiritual people. Unfortunately, that is not always true. Some people in the religion business are filled with hatred and greed. The seven deadly sins claim members of the cloth as easily as regular people, perhaps moreso in some instances. There are truly good selfless people who minister to their flocks, and then there are the con artists.

The head of the Louisiana Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell thinks he has a grand idea, a little over one grand actually. He called for people to take their stimulus checks and instead of buying food, give it to him or other evangelists.

His warped logic is that since pastors cannot fill the collection plates in person, just sign that check over to them. He has three rules for those who follow him during this coronavirus pandemic.

First, he wants people to start this Sunday. Perhaps, that is so the members of his church will not have time to spend it on frivolous things like nutrition. Second, he wants the entire stimulus check. Third, if people do not send in their money to him, send it to evangelists, missionaries, or music ministers in North America, because they were not paid this month.

Never mind that these donors may not have earned any money either.

Spell never shut his church doors, so he does not really qualify for the donations technically. To manipulate people, he said both he and his wife will start. They each donated all of their $1200 checks.

Unfortunately, he did not explain to some of the 22 million people and counting who lost their jobs due to the pandemic how to pay for their rent, their bills, or their food. Of course, he did not seem especially concerned about members of his congregation’s lives anyway. He packed them into the pews cheek of jowl along with their checks on Easter Sunday.

Spell told them that it was okay, because real Christians would gladly but needlessly sacrifice their own lives and those of their family’s on this preacher’s misguided altar of deception. Would it not make more sense for them to protect themselves and their families first? People have not been called to sacrifice their children since God commanded Abraham to offer his son Isaac. Even then, God let Abraham off the hook, settling for a ram instead.

Beware of false profits.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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