Trump Whines That Photo-Op Was Ruined By Virus


Donald Trump has his priorities so far out of whack right now that it is literally terrifying. We knew going into a Trump presidency that there were going to be some pretty scary moments, and nuclear war has been a worry from time to time, but we never imagined we’d be faced with a 100-year at the end of his first, and hopefully last, term.

Trump has shown utter disregard for Americans facing possible death from the coronavirus, and while he stays tucked away safe in a mansion, he demands we go back to work so that he doesn’t have a recession on his record.

Trump hates that the coronavirus is messing up his plan to pretend he’s some great, and kind ruler, and even worse, it’s messing up his opportunities for the photo-ops that make it seem as if he actually does work.

Friday, Trump complained that the coronavirus safety procedures are screwing up the commencement speech he is giving at West Point, saying that the social distancing setup  doesn’t look good.

Trump said:

“I understand they’ll have distancing. They’ll have some big distance, so it will be very different than it ever looked. Do I like the look? No, I don’t. And eventually, next year, they’ll have a commencement like it’s been.”