Dirt Uncovered About Trump’s New Virus Testing Czar


Donald Trump’s administration appointed pediatrician and four-star Admiral Brett Giroir to the position of “testing czar.” Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Brett Giroir is the head medical and science advisor advising HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Unfortunately, there are some big holes in his resume.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) appeared on his brother Chris Cuomo’s CNN show. When asked about the man “in charge of the most important component” of handling the pandemic, the governor said, according to The Washington Post:

‘I’ll take your word that he exists, but I wouldn’t know otherwise.’

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Giroir also manages the U.S. Public Health Service Commission Corps. It employees 6,200 government employees. Previously, he worked on several vaccine projects. Yet, when he worked at Texas A&M, he was told he had 30 minutes to resign or be fired. The university said he was more interested in promoting himself and was not a “team player.”

The 59-year-old doctor blamed internal politics at the university, but not any project problems:

‘If you’re not familiar with academic politics, it makes politics in Washington look like a minor league scrimmage [and he was] heartbroken [to leave].

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Giroir had this to say about the evaluation:

“I’m a team player. But not to people who act inappropriately, who are misogynistic and who are abusive to other people. I don’t have a loyalty to that. I have a loyalty to my faculty and my students. And that’s what I care about. . . . It’s better to be independent and stand your ethical ground. I’ll just leave it at that.’

Director of the Federal Biological Advanced Research and Development Authority Robin Robinson managed a Texas vaccine project. This is what he said about interviewing Giroir:

‘[He] over-promised and under-delivered. I always had a good relationship with Brett. I know he has a temper and he sometimes has a very difficult time controlling it. He does get things done. Sometimes it’s a little different than what one might expect. But I feel confident that he will do the job where he is right now.’

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Giroir said that anyone who “needs a test” can get one. He continued:

‘That does not mean at this point in time that anyone who wants a test gets a test. There may be tens of millions of people who want a test, but they really have no indication [of the virus] for that test.’

He said that another facility he aided in its development used plant-based technology to come up with vaccines. It is also currently trying to come up with a plant-based product for the coronavirus:

‘It may work, it may not work. But if you want a billion doses in a short time, plant-based is the only way to get it done.’

At the National Institutes of Health (NIH) back in 2018, Giroir spoke about his bizarre beliefs:

‘I think it’s very clear that we don’t have models that completely recapitulate what the fetal tissue does. And I just mean this honestly, what I advise the president, or what happens, that’s executive privilege. And I think it was widely reported that this was the president’s decision on the way to go. This was a presidential decision. And he’s the president; he gets to make those decisions.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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