Dem Gov Warns Against Trump’s Protest Rhetoric


Donald Trump was just accused of generating violence with his endorsement of protesters. They were missing masks and clustering together. The Illinois governor warns that the president could be “fomenting some violence” with his rhetoric. What does that mean?

Tuesday, Illinois Governor. J.B. Pritzker (D) came down hard on Trump’s apparent endorsement of public protests against social distancing. He claimed the president was “fomenting some violence.”

In a Livestream, Pritzker said according to The Washington Post via The Federalist.

‘I’m very disappointed with the rhetoric and messaging coming from the president, saying that officials in Illinois have been collaborating across party lines during the coronavirus pandemic.’

‘I have frequent conversations with the elected officials around my state who are not in my own party, and we all share the common goal of opening our economy and getting people back to school and back to normal as fast as we can, but with an overriding concern for people’s safety and health.’

Pritzker added that Trump’s tweets from last week motivated far, far-right groups to challenge any stay-at-home orders:

‘That doesn’t seem to be the message coming from the president when he tweets out ‘liberate Michigan’ or ‘liberate Minnesota’ or ‘liberate Virginia. He’s fomenting protests and I hate to say, that is fomenting some violence, and I’m very concerned about what it might mean for the country if he keeps doing things like that.’

Asked to elaborate on what future consequences he believed such rhetoric could generate, Pritzker said Trump’s encouragement was a “political maneuver in the middle of a national emergency” that could eventually lead to violence.

When Pritzker was asked about the consequences of Trump’s words, the governor said:

‘You certainly are seeing that people are believing his rhetoric, even repeating the rhetoric that he had a month or so ago when he was calling this a hoax.’

A Washington Post–University of Maryland poll released Tuesday indicated that 65 percent of the country does not believe that gatherings of 10 or more will be safe until June at a minimum. Add another 21 percent to the poll to include those who think it will be safe by May 30. Only nine percent agree with the president, that life will be safe by the end of April.

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