Florida GOP Abandoning Trump In Droves


Florida is one of the most important states in the upcoming 2020 presidential election this November. Unfortunately for the Republicans, they have two major problems in retaining the state for their party. One is called former Vice President Joe Biden (D), and the other is COVID-19.

Many Republicans have grown increasingly uncomfortable with Donald Trump’s morals, management style, and lack of political knowledge. Longtime Republicans have become increasingly uncomfortable with Donald Trump. The Republican Party has moved away from traditional beliefs and into a cult of Trump’s personality. Middle-of-the-road Biden has become increasingly more attractive to many Republicans as well as to the Independent voters.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been supported by the ultra-conservative Libertarian Mercier family. He actively worked to open up Florida businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic even though the state has a more fragile, vulnerable, and retirement-age population.

As Trump’s numbers in the polls continue to decline, he leans further into denial. Floridians lean away from him, ever more unwilling to risk their lives at his behest.

Increasingly, voters claimed they would vote for Biden given he is running against Trump in November’s presidential election, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll. It was conducted from April 15th to the 21st, according to The Newsweek Magazine.

A full 47 percent of registered voters supported Biden, and just 39 percent would support Trump in the upcoming presidential election. That showed a two percent increase for Biden from the previous poll and a four percent increase from the poll two weeks earlier than that.

Trump has not done well in the polls. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 44 percent approved of how he handled the coronavirus crisis. Independents have been increasingly moving away from Trump, too.

Additionally, the polling by Reuters and Ipsos has shown growing discontent with Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Only 44 percent of respondents approved of the president’s handling of the crisis, while 52 percent disapproved. Compared to the previous week, that’s an 8 point drop in approval for Trump’s management of the pandemic and 13 points lower than March.

Biden did even better in a CNN poll taken in early April. He was winning over Trump by 11 points. A hypothetical match between the two men with Biden taking 53 percent of the vote as compared to Biden’s 42 percent. Real Clear Politics averages national polls, and the results showed Biden by approximately at 5.8 percent.

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In early April, CNN conducted a poll with Biden leading Trump by 11 points, 53 percent to Trump at 42 percent.

Last week, both of Biden’s former progressive rivals Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), plus President Barack Obama endorsed Biden.

In the battleground states’s polls, Biden leads Trump according to Real Clear Politics: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin. However, a lesson is to be learned from Hillary Clinton as she led Trump by 20-plus points in numerous polls.

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