Waters Reveals Her Sister Is Dying From COVID-19


The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect Congress. This Thursday, prominent California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters revealed in remarks on the House floor that her sister was seriously ill and dying from the Coronavirus. She made the revelation while speaking in support of the latest round of Coronavirus relief legislation, which the Senate recently passed and was up for debate in the House early this Thursday. The legislation includes $370 billion in support for small businesses in addition to $100 billion for hospitals and, more specifically, Coronavirus testing services.

Waters commented:

‘I not only rise in support of this legislation. I also would like to rise in support of what we’re doing for the health care enhancement act in this bill. And I’m going to take a moment to dedicate this legislation to my dear sister who is dying in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, right now infected by the Coronavirus… Congress must now immediately turn to the next package of legislation to provide relief during the pandemic. We need to do much more to help renters, homeowners, people experiencing homelessness and mom and pop landlords.’

Watch below:

Also on Thursday, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren shared that her oldest brother had died from the Coronavirus.

Warren shared:

‘I’m grateful to the nurses and frontline staff who took care of him, but it’s hard to know that there was no family to hold his hand or to say “I love you” one more time—and no funeral for those of us who loved him to hold each other close. I’ll miss you dearly my brother.’

President Donald Trump has repeatedly left those nurses and frontline staff out in the cold through his refusals to act swiftly to secure adequate personal protective equipment and other important supplies.

A handful of members of Congress have themselves contracted the disease, including members of the House from Utah and Florida along with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a prominent Republican.

These infections have unfolded amidst Congressional efforts to get financial assistance to those who need it — meaning those who really need it, since money from earlier Coronavirus relief efforts ended up going to a slew of large corporations while smaller companies were shut out. One of those large companies, Shake Shack, actually announced that they would be returning their $10 million loan to the federal government after they faced criticism for taking the money, although they claimed to have come up with needed funds from elsewhere.

Republicans have gotten hammered by some on the left for the huge payouts to big companies. During House debate this week, for instance, prominent progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — whose district is in the hardest-hit area in the country amidst the pandemic — insisted:

‘It is a joke when Republicans say they have urgency around this bill. The only folks they have urgency around are folks like Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Shake Shack.’

Democrats have already been advocating for sharp oversight of Coronavirus response and relief efforts — although the U.S. still has a long way to go to get out of the crisis in the first place.