Trump Villainizes COVID-19 Committee In New Ad


Trump is desperate to spread his narrative wherever he can because he knows how loyal his fans are, apparently to the point of poisoning themselves merely because the president suggested it. Trump banks on the fact that most Americans are just stupid, and will therefore buy anything he says.

In the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump railed about how the virus was a witch hunt/hoax. He now claims he never made those statements, but we all know he did. His followers, however, just ignore this behavior and turn a blind eye to the dangerous behavior just so they can have the political power for a couple more years.

Now, a new mass email sent out from Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign calls the coronavirus panel the ‘third witch hunt.’ The email reads:

“First, the Democrat’s Russian Collusion Delusion FAILED because WE fought back. Then, their Impeachment Hoax FAILED because WE fought back even harder.”

The email continues:

“NOW, they are trying to weaponize a new coronavirus committee against me, and if we’re going to withstand this attack, we’ll need to fight back even harder than ever before. This is the third WITCH HUNT in THREE YEARS.”

According to CNN:

(CNN)Dr. Anthony Fauci said Saturday that the US should increase testing by twice as much and thinks this will be possible. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases made the comments at a National Academy of Sciences Covid-19 Update webcast as coronavirus deaths exceeded 53,000 and cases of the disease have surpassed 900,000 across the nation.

Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, estimated that the US is conducting approximately 1.5 to 2 million Covid-19 tests per week and that “we probably should get up to twice that as we get into the next several weeks, and I think we will.” Fauci noted that he was referring to diagnostic testing of the coronavirus, not antibody testing.

“Testing is an important part but it’s not the only part,” Fauci noted while also highlighting the need for identification, isolation and contact tracing. “We don’t want to get fixated on how many tests you need,” he added, going on to say that the US needs to “have enough tests to respond to the outbreaks that will inevitably occur as you try and ease your way back into the different phases.”