Trump Just Bragged About Being Right About Coronavirus


Donald Trump has broken out of the White House. After sheltering-in-place for nearly two months, he is more than ready to head out to Arizona. Once there, he might be able to sneak in a rally or two. After all, his adoration tank meter has dropped down to zero, and he needs to recharge it.

In the Oval Office, the president said Americans (meaning him) have begun to “feel good” as the country prematurely opened up for business, according to The New York Post:

‘I think they’re starting to feel good now. The country’s opening again. We saved millions of lives, I think.’

Trump apparently believes that should he say something, it becomes reality. There has been no one around to disavow him from that warped belief. So, when POTUS claimed the sharp drop in the economy would end soon, he was speaking into the fantasy machine.  He said COVID-19 caught up with almost 1.2 million citizens, killed nearly 70,000 people, and thrust 30 million or 18 percent of all American workers into the unemployment lines, but that has been the cost of doing business with the Donald. He said:

‘You have to be careful, but you have to get back to work. People want the country open… I guess we have 38 states that are either opening or are very close.’

The president said, “Florida is doing great.” He claimed the state’s Governor Ron DeSantis was “a good governor.” Of course, he added his projection of a great economy by the end of the year into his pot of trouble:

‘I think they’re starting to feel good now. The country’s opening again. We saved millions of lives, I think. We’ll open it up and I think your fourth quarter is going to be very good. We did the right thing and now we’re bringing the country back. And I think there’s a great optimism. I don’t know if you see it, but I think there’s a great optimism now.’

Trump’s own Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) anticipated daily deaths doubling in just one month. He called it “fake news.”

‘Hopefully we can keep the plague, keep the virus at bay. If we have a flare up, we can put it out. We’ve learned a lot.’

When reporters questioned Trump about The New York Times report, he pulled a Nazi Colonel Klink from the old television series Hogan’s Heroes, “I see nothing! I know nothing! “Trump said:

‘I know nothing about it. I don’t know anything about it. Nobody told me that. I think it’s — I think it’s false, I think it’s fake news.’

The Times wrote that the CDC estimate was:

‘[B]ased on government modeling pulled together in chart form by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.’

Trump indicated that without his early [partial] shutdown between the U.S. and China, over two million people might have died.

The president of these United States reached right through the national misery to touch his “silver lining.” He said Americans (meaning him) were “eager to return supply chains” to the country. POTUS has had a vision of returning prescription medications manufacturing to the U.S. instead of in China. He said:

‘Now, the one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that I was right. You know, I had people say, ‘No, no, it’s good. You keep — you do this and that.’ Now those people are really agreeing with me. And that includes medicine and other things, you know.’

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