New Biden Vs Trump 2020 Poll Results Have GOP In Full Panic


President Donald Trump and the Republican Party may be gearing up for some serious losses this November. Trump consistently loses in polls pitting him against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and in a new Monmouth University poll, Trump is losing again, this time by a substantial margin. In a one-on-one contest between him and Biden, the former vice president nabbed a full 50 percent of the support, while Trump secured a meager 41 percent. That gives Biden an overall nine percent lead, which is a significant increase from the four percent lead that Biden had in the previous edition of the same poll.

There is one important caveat. When Michigan Congressman Justin Amash, who has registered with the Libertarian Party and is apparently vying for their presidential nomination, was included in the poll alongside Trump and Biden, the former vice president’s leading margin shrunk to just seven percent. Some have feared that an Amash candidacy could drive moderate Republican voters away from Biden, although it’s definitely unclear that Biden actually needs those moderate Republican voters to secure a win.

In the Monmouth poll, Amash received five percent of the support, and — when he was included — Biden got 47 percent of the support, and Trump got 40 percent.

The Monmouth University Polling Institute’s director Patrick Murray commented:

‘Overall, there is not as much of an appetite for a third option as there was four years ago. It’s too early to tell whether Amash will have an impact but if this election ends up being as close as 2016, even a small showing can have a crucial impact.’

In 2016, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party each nominated relatively high-profile presidential candidates. The Libertarians, a right-wing group, had former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, while the Greens, a left-wing group, had Jill Stein. Together, the two of them received almost six million votes overall, compared to over 62 million votes for each of the major party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There are a number of issues weighing on the presidential race, ranging from newly surfaced sexual assault allegations against Biden to Trump’s failed handling of the Coronavirus crisis. A full 37 percent of respondents said that they think the allegation against Biden is probably true, while 32 percent said it is probably not true, and 31 percent said that they did not have an opinion one way or the other. Biden, for his part, has unequivocally denied the allegation.

Monmouth University’s Murray noted:

‘We don’t know what impact this allegation will have in the long run. For some voters who believe the charge, it is still not enough to override their desire to oust Trump. The outlook is murkier for those who don’t have an opinion on it. This group includes a number of Democratic-leaning independents who could potentially be swayed if this story grows in importance.’

There’s also the issue of the handling of the Coronavirus outbreak. MSNBC reports that “63% of Americans are worried states will lift stay-at-home restrictions too quickly, according to a new Monmouth University poll,” and Trump has firmly established that he is in favor of rapidly lifting those stay-at-home orders, which have been instituted in an attempt to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. Trump seems at odds with most voters.