Fauci Accuser Says Trump Supporters Bribed Her


Donald Trump and his merry herd of followers have been known to pull some pretty mind-boggling stunts, but this one really takes the cake. Virologist Anthony Fauci has been targeted by Trump’s loyalest of followers, and the entire jig is up because the woman who recently accused Fauci of sexual assault has now recanted her claims.  She’s also blowing the whistle on Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman for paying her to lie about the expert working for the Trump Administration.

The president has expressed his frustration with Fauci on more than one occasion for telling the truth about the virus, and now his followers are following suit and taking matters into their own hands.

The woman behind the claims is Diana Andrade. She decided, after accepting the bribe to ruin the life of Anthony Fauci, that Wohl and Burkman were actually endangering people with this rouse. She then concocted a plan to out the two and save Fauci’s reputation.

According to Nancy Rommelmann over at Reason says she awoke to an email from Andrade explaining what happened and revealing that she had recordings of Wohl and Burkman to back up her claims.

Rommelmann quoted the email she got from Andrade:

“Hi Nancy, I hope you are having a nice weekend. I feel very bad about lying to you and others about Dr. Fauci. I took it upon myself to call Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman and record them (see attached)… Many thanks and again, I feel very bad about all this. I apologize to you, the other reporters and Dr. Fauci.”

Rommelmann then explains:

The writer of the email identified herself as Diana Andrade. I had never before emailed with Andrade, but had spoken with her 10 days earlier, when I knew her as “Diana Rodriguez.” At that time, Rodriguez alleged that when she was 20 years old, in 2014, she’d been sexually assaulted by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and one of the most visible faces in the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her original accusation of Fauci, Andrade claimed:

“He looked rich and powerful, and I love smart men with grey hair. He told me all about his fantastic career in medicine, so I went upstairs. Now, when I see him on TV touted as some kind of hero, I want the nation to know the truth. This is my truth. This is my story.”

When numerous reporters called in to a conference call to hear Andrade’s claims, they got a different story. When asked to clarify, Wohl got on the line and tried to pull a slick on. This is what Wohl told reporters:

“People come forward against figures that are considered media darlings with very credible allegations and are attacked by the media. And you see the same sort of victim-blaming here.”

One of the reporters finally said, “Can you just tell us you’re pulling a prank here?”

The Daily Dot was the only outlet to actually run the story completely devoid of any content other than a weak claim by a woman using a fake name and listing fake employers. The Dot debunked the story.

According to Reason, that’s where the story would have died if not for Andrade’s email, which stated:

“The reality is that I’ve known Jacob since 2018 and that he charmed me into taking money to do this (see attached picture of us together),” taken when they were romantically involved. Also, that Wohl and Burkman “had me do something like this…back in January.”

“And I understand they’re trying to get another girl to do it, too. They asked me if I knew anyone to do it.”

Within days, that second accusation came in; this one from a woman named Karen Draper. According to Burkman, Draper used to work for Fauci as an assistant, and that is when the crime allegedly happened.

Andrade decided to record the two Trump supporters after they asked her to find a second woman willing to ruin Fauci’s career and life. According to Andrade, “I ignored his inquiry about this, but it led me to feel like I needed to blow the whistle.”

During the recording, Wohl asks Andrade:

“What could be wrong, Diana? You did a good job, you got paid. What’s the problem? What seems to be the issue? You’re freaking out. You’re texting me late at night. What’s the issue?”

Burkman then vilifies Fauci for trying to protect the country by using some pretty disgusting arguments for eugenics. Burkman said:

“Let me tell you something, Diana. This guy shut the country down. He put 40 million people out of work. In a situation like that, you have to make up whatever you have to make up to stop that train and that’s the way life works, OK? That’s the way it goes.”

“Mother Nature has to clean the barn every so often. How real is it? Who knows? So what if 1 percent of the population goes? So what if you lose 400,000 people? Two hundred thousand were elderly, the other 200,000 are the bottom of society. You got to clean out the barn. If it’s real, it’s a positive thing, for God’s sake.”

For GOD’S Sake??

These people are utterly inhuman.

Wohl and Burkman become angry when Andrade asks if it’s just “survival of the fittest” in their eyes.

That’s when Wohl said:

“Diana, look, can you just do this for me? Can you just keep your mouth shut and just…just do it for me.”

Andrade has seemingly had enough at this point and says:

“Oh Jacob, come on. You have a way of charming people…and there are a lot of things I don’t want to say in front of Jack but I am so done with you. I do not want to deal with this anymore. I think you’re actually an evil person…you’re just, you’re just so charming until you get me cornered. I don’t know how you do it, but you find a way to make me go along with your little plans.”

Probably the sickest part of the plan was Wohl’s suggestion they use actual experiences from Andrade’s actual sexual assault, just changing the perpetrator to Fauci.

According to the writer Rommelmann:

There was “no preparation!” she [Andrade] says. Jacob “just told me, because he knows my other story, he just said, ‘Use the same stuff.'”

The “same stuff” is a reference to a sexual assault Andrade says she experienced when she was just out of high school, when she was attacked in a car by a much older man. The incident caused her shame, both having been assaulted by someone she barely knew but thought she could trust and also “because I lied to my mom about where I was when this happened.”

Wohl learned of Andrade’s experience with sexual assault when they were romantically involved, and ended up asking her to use it in her accusations against Fauci. Andrade says Wohl told her:

‘Well, you know you don’t want to talk about this, but maybe this could be another way of talking about it.'”

“He said, ‘We actually need someone like this, and maybe it’d be good practice for you to be able to talk about this,'” she recalls. “‘Just talk about how you feel about the real thing, but take it out against this other person.'”