SCOTUS Faces Embarrassing Conference Call Moment


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) was in a hospital room, because she had an infection purportedly related to gall stones. The court was holding its first history-breaking telephone conference call arguments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is when it happened.

Not only that, RBG raised the history-making bet by being the first in a hospital room to participate in arguments over the phone.

There probably were interruptions even assuming she was inside of a private room. Maybe the sound of monitors dinging out any blood pressure change, and an overhead speaker system calling out those intriguing alphabet soup-like letters that made just about as much sense there as in the soup bowl.

Of course, there was there would have been the ever-annoying voice calling “Dr. Ben Wa. Dr. Ben Wa. You’re wanted in Nephrology, Gastroenterology, or Sexual Health. PRN. Code Orange. Do not step in the hazardous material.”

The Supreme Court carries the solemnity of two and a half centuries. The rarely seen justices maintain the gravity of their life-long tenure, with many continuing well into their seventh and eighth decades. Then, it happened.

In the background, the sound of a toilet flushing broke into the call. The Supreme Court justices have been as distant and elevated as our ninth-grade teachers were back them. Neither could we imagine ever lowering themselves to such earthly needs as going to the bathroom.

Many women still use euphemisms of “powering their noses,” “going to the little girls’ room. Or going to the “restroom”…perhaps to rest, or going to the “bathroom” to bathe?

One of the justices forgot to press the mute button on the phone. Now, people are working from home, which is such a wonderful idea to help save the environment and see the stars in the skies.

Yet, working from home has its surprises. Reporters have dogs. Physicians have.groaning desks full of files, and solemn experts have children, Nearly all of them have just-dusted shelves lined with a lifetime worth books that appear well-thumbed.

Now, we know for the first time that the Supreme Court justices live with other people whose lives include flushing the toilet. RPG is so disciplined that she pulls out a little flashlight when she goes to the movies. There, she multi-tasks reading even as the show’s credits roll. That leaves eight other possibilities.

The latest judge Brett Kavanaugh is so young, he looks as though he might be into potty humor, but who knows the culprit. Listen here to see if you can discover clues to the errant justice:

‘LISTEN: Toilet flush during U.S. Supreme Court oral argument ‘

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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