Kellyanne Conway Goes On TV & Humiliates Herself Instantly


Kellyanne Conway is definitely taking a page out of Trump’s playbook when it comes to treating members of the press like utter garbage. Kellyanne acts like she’s above any questioning, even when she showed up just to answer questions, and her high and mighty attitude is hated by pretty much everyone.

Kellyanne recently went on Fox News, where she was asked a question about her husband George. Host Harris Faulkner mentioned the recent anti-Trump ad campaign released by a group of Republicans that George Conway is a part of. Faulkner assured Kellyanne that she was not trying to make the segment about her husband, to which Kellyanne responded:

“It certainly is about my husband or you would have quoted other people in the [never-Trump] group.”

Faulkner then asks Conway why the president would bring more attention to the ad campaign by tweeting about it, and Kellyanne’s response was classic Conway crap:

“he also wanted to expose a number of people in that group who act like they’re so dignified and holier than thou than everyone … nobody ever says what their track record is. They’ve made tons of money in the campaigns.”

People watching the video on YouTube had this to say:

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