Trump Admin Confirms To America That They Don’t Care


The second stimulus disbursement is much needed relief for Americans who have suddenly found themselves with no income, but Trump and his officials have made it very clear on Friday that they couldn’t really care less about what the working people are going through.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday that it wouldn’t be until June that Americans saw more help from the government. 

Kudlow said:

“We’re in a lot of conversations right now. We’ve kind of paused as far as formal negotiations go. Let’s have a look at what the latest round produces. You need a month or so to evaluate that.”

Kudlow continued by saying that he and other officials are working closely with lawmakers on the matter, but how could it possibly take a month to come to an agreement on something we’ve already partially successfully done?

It shouldn’t. Period.

Kudlow continued:

“We just had another big infusion. We put all this money in, which is fine. It’s well worth it. Let’s see what happens. As we move into the reopening phase this month, maybe spillover to June, let’s have a look at it before we decide who, what, where, when.”

Trump, on the other hand, did a less impressive job of making people feel like he was actually working on the issue. The president addressed reporters Friday when he ignorantly said:

“We’re in no rush. We’re in no rush. The Democrats have to do what they have to do, but I would say we’re not looking — we want to see what they have. But I can’t say that we’re in a rush. We were in a rush to get the money out to people. We have gotten the money out.”

Trump’s new, and even less-impressive, White House press secretary held a press conference Friday in which she was asked about Kudlow’s statements about the second stimulus.

Kayleigh McEnany said this:

“I think Nancy Pelosi should explore coming back and having the House come back and having those discussions. We know the Senate is here. I think it’s important for us to move and look at a phase four. The President thinks so too. So, those negotiations will happen.”