Doctors Without Borders Swoops In To Help Ravaged Navajo Tribe


Donald Trump and his magic traveling Petri dish are antsy. He calls himself a “warrior,” but he is more like that obnoxious aunt who drops by at the most inconvenient times. It is a good thing that the president has been hovering in states within a 200-mile radius  of Washington, D.C. That way, he does not find the opportunity to interfere as the Navajo’s attempt to heal.

Normally, Doctors Without Borders does not come to the United States, but they will go where they are needed. Nine of their professionals arrived at the Navajo Nation, which is located in the Southwest portion of the U.S. Doctors Without Borders plans on staying until the last of June and possibly far longer.

The Navajo Nation, which consists of about 170,000 people, has more coronavirus cases than any other state-based upon its population. The Navajo Nation has approximately 1,786 cases per 100,000 people The nation also has reported 100 fatalities due to coronavirus:

‘It also has a shortage of medical professionals, and its people have high rates of diabetes and hypertension, which can make them more vulnerable to the virus.’

The international group typically sends health professionals to conflict zones around the world during medical disasters, and the coronavirus pandemic marks the first time it has dispatched teams within the U.S.

Doctors Without Borders spokesman Nico D’Auterivereleased released a statement, The Hill reported:

‘At the moment, Doctors Without Borders is focused on providing technical guidance to health care facilities and organizations to assist with infection prevention and control.’

Monday, Jean Stowell, the head of the U.S. COVID-19 response team, told CBS News that the Doctors Without Borders’ group in the Navajo Nation was made up of two doctors, three nurses and midwives, two logisticians, a health promoter, and one water sanitation expert.

Stowell said:

‘Situationally, the Native American communities are at a much higher risk for complications from COVID-19 and also from community spread because they don’t have access to the variety of things that make it possible to self-isolate. You can’t expect people to isolate if they have to drive 100 miles to get food and water.’

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