Federal Court Makes Defiant Ruling Against Trump Financial Corruption


The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) heard arguments Wednesday about whether Donald Trump would have to turn over his tax returns to Congress for its investigations and secondly, whether or not he would have to adhere to subpoenas. It appears that the president will have to send his attorneys back to SCOTUS for another case.

A federal appeals court has ruled against the POTUS for violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which limits any presidential profiteering from foreign governments while he or she is in office. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him. That means only the Supreme Court can rule in his favor.

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At this time, Trump has placed two very conservative justices on the SCOTUS. That left him with a frequent five to four decision in his favor. The president. sent his daughter Ivanka Trump to visit Justice Anthony Kennedy before he took an early retirement — that is, early relatively speaking. Kennedy’s son worked for Deutsche Bank, which has held the majority of the president’s money and loans.

At this time, the White House has been hoping for another seat to open up on the court. Right now, Chief Justice John Roberts has been the surprising swing vote, because he values the reputation of SCOTUS under his management.

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Thursday’s lawsuit indicated that Trump violated the Constitution when he received foreign money fed through his Washington hotel, just down the street from the White House, according to The POLITICO.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ‘vote was nine to six against the president. Its purpose was to end two cases, one in Maryland and the other in Washington, D.C. The ruling meant those cases could go further on to the Supreme Court.

Trump claimed immunity from any and all crime or corruption, and Attorney General William Barr has carried the president’s wishes out fully. Yet, it was not enough to put away the Emoluments violation case prior to kicking off his reelection campaign.

President Bill Clinton appointed Chief Judge Roger Gregory during a Congressional recess. Then, President George W. Bush asked for his permanent. appointment.

A 4th Circuit panel, all appointed by GOP members, voted unanimously to kill the two suits in 2017. Then, the Washington D.C. Circuit court killed hundreds of additional lawsuits in February. These suits challenged that the president received monies from foreign governments. The ruling fell upon a sharp technical point, noting that “individual lawmakers could not pursue such a suit.”

Then, POLITICO reported on other like lawsuits “last September:”

‘Last September, a three-judge panel of the New York-based 2nd Circuit revived a suit that hospitality industry business owners and employees brought making similar claims against the president. The Justice Department asked the full bench of that appeals court to review the decision. There has been no ruling on that request, which has effectively kept that suit on ice for more than half a year.’

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