Trump’s Saturday Vacation Caught On Camera As Americans Die


The United States is still in the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic. The country is quickly approaching a total of 100,000 deaths due to the virus, and tens of millions of people have filed for unemployment claims throughout recent weeks, indicating staggeringly sky-high unemployment rates. What’s the president of the United States doing this weekend while the crisis rages on? He’s golfing at a property branded with his own name.

After having stayed away from Trump-branded golf courses since all the way back in the beginning of March, President Donald Trump visited one of his golf courses in north Virginia this Saturday. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reported:

‘The president was spotted by pool in white hat, white shirt and the motorcade has left the WH compound. Could this be his first golf outing since early March during stay at Mar-A-Lago? More to come.’

Indeed — the trip was apparently not announced ahead of time, but yes, Trump ended up visiting one of his golf courses this Saturday morning. The Trump Organization started the process of reopening their golf courses in early May. They’d been closed amidst the national social distancing demands meant to help stem the spread of the Coronavirus. Trump has consistently seemed eager to lift those social distancing demands, no matter the potential ensuing negative effects on public health — and it’s definitely not beyond the current president for concern about getting back on the golf course to have driven his eagerness to dismiss public health guidelines. At one point, he even tweeted that his followers should “liberate” certain states that were under stay-at-home guidelines — including the state of Virginia, where his golf course that he visited this weekend is located.

Condemnation for the president promptly poured in. As political commentator Jon Favreau put it:

Trump won’t do anything else to stop a virus that’s killed 100,000 Americans. He won’t do anything else to fix an economy where 40 million are out of work. He will golf, though!’

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