WH Press Secretary Embarrasses Herself During Tuesday Meltdown


The Trump team seems to be leaning heavily into bombastic rhetoric ahead of their expected general election face-off with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden. At a press conference at the White House this Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended Trump for his inane mockery of Biden for wearing a mask while in public, and she defended Trump against criticism over the fact that he’s spent days on end tweeting nonsense conspiracy theories suggesting that then-GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough murdered one of his staffers in the early 2000s. Is there anything that McEnany wouldn’t defend?

Ironically, Biden’s usage of a face mask while out in public for a recent Memorial Day ceremony is in line with the Trump administration’s own guidelines! The president and his team simply do not seem to care about consistency.

Asked about whether the president intended to mock Biden for wearing a mask with a particular Twitter post that he made, and if so, why, McEnany offered the inane response:

‘The President’s excited to see that Joe emerged from the basement. It is a bit peculiar though that in his basement right next to his wife, he’s not wearing a mask but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distanced. So I think that there is a discrepancy there. He’s not shaming anyone — as the president noted himself, he wore a mask in private at the Ford facility, and he said he’s open to it if the circumstance mandates it.’

That makes no sense when attempting to stack the remarks up against the actual basic facts of public health guidelines and masks in particular. Masks are meant to keep individuals who may have the Coronavirus from spreading it to someone else. As such, they’re called for in public settings, like the Memorial Day ceremony that Biden attended this week. It’s not some kind of game to see when and where and how long one can wear a mask. They’re tied to these actual public health concerns, which McEnany seems completely ignorant of. Biden’s house is not a public space, so why would he wear one there?

After a reporter pointed out that the current Trump administration guidance is to wear a mask when they’re out in public, McEnany insisted, referring to the president’s reaction to Biden wearing a maslk:

‘The guidance is recommended but not required. So, it’s the personal choice of the individual, but it didn’t strike him as a very data-driven decision in that particular incidence.’

It is hilariously ridiculous that McEnany seems like she’s trying to convince observers that Trump cares about “data.”

Also at her Tuesday press conference, McEnany ludicrously tried to insist that the Trump administration’s “hearts are with” the family of a late former staffer in Scarborough’s Congressional office, who the president has been inanely and completely baselessly suggesting was murdered on account of the also completely despicably baseless allegation that she was having an affair with the Congressman. If the Trump team’s “hearts were with” the family, then the president would have long ago kept his mouth shut.