Seattle Erupts Into A War Zone, AR-15 Stolen From Police, Shots Fired


On yet another night of protests turning into violent, fiery mayhem, the city of Seattle, Washington began to resemble a war zone as the downtown area, including a Nordstrom and other nearby buildings, began to burn.

Numerous reports videos from onlookers posting on Twitter show an armed, white man in the crowd with what appeared to be an AR-15 who was handily disarmed by an officer who stepped forward to take control.

Mayor Jenny Durkan announced a 5:00 PM PST curfew throughout the city, but armed protesters began to take over the peaceful demonstrations that had been held throughout the day as the sun began to go down. Police in riot gear and plainclothes have worked to contain the damage.


Along with police, soldiers from the National Guard patrolled the streets of Seattle and attempted to take control. As businesses continued to sustain vandalism and smoke billowed in the sky, the city absorbed the fall out from the actions of police officers who murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter