Trump Advisor Announces ‘No Systemic Racism’ During Sunday Statement


Protests against police brutality have been raging across the United States for days on end, and the Trump administration’s solution seems to hinge on sticking their collective head in the metaphorical sand and pretending that the problems that sparked the protests don’t exist. Staggeringly, during an appearance on CNN this Sunday morning, top Trump adviser Robert O’Brien insisted that he does not think that systemic racism is a problem in U.S. policing. That statement reveals an absolutely staggering level of ignorance about the basic social and political realities in the United States.

Has O’Brien ever read a history book? Has he ever watched the news? Does he know what racism means? These are the kinds of questions sparked by his utter ridiculousness.

He commented to host Jake Tapper:

‘No, I don’t think there’s systemic racism. I think 99.9 percent of our law enforcement officers are great Americans, and many of them are African-American, Hispanic, Asian — they’re working in the toughest neighborhoods. They’ve got the hardest jobs to do in this country, and I think they’re amazing, great Americans, and they’re my heroes. But you know what? There are some bad apples in there. And there are some cops that maybe don’t have the right training, and there are some that are just bad cops, and they need to be rooted out because there’s a few bad apples that are giving law enforcement a terrible name.’

Watch below:

One of the solutions that O’Brien mentioned to the problem of police brutality in the United States is better training. Would better training solve the problems of police brutality that have been captured on film in the last several days alone?

In Los Angeles, a reporter was assaulted by an officer. In Louisville, a tv news crew was fired at by a cop who was very obviously aiming right at them, although the rounds were non-lethal. In Minneapolis, within twenty seconds of a huge contingent of cops appearing on a street, the cops began firing non-lethal rounds at people who were just peacefully standing on a front porch. Also in Minneapolis, cops fired rubber bullets at a news crew that was not standing within 500 feet of any protesters and had their credentials and equipment clearly visible.

The list goes on and on and on. And these are just the incidents that have been captured on camera. And O’Brien has the gall to insist that there’s no systemic racism in the United States policing system, when each and every one of these incidents have unfolded under the cover of a green light given to cops to go after Americans amidst outcry over a police murder of an unarmed black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, whose death sparked the latest round of tumult.

As for the way forward, one of the cops involved in Floyd’s murder has been criminally charged, but his three accomplices have yet to face any repercussions other than getting fired from the local police force. They all felt free to stand on and watch as cop Derek Chauvin led Floyd’s murder — but O’Brien insists that there’s no systemic racism in the U.S. police force. Incredible.