Emergency Law Announced To Prevent Trump Troop Deployment


“Constitutional rights” has been the rallying cry for voters on the right for some time, particularly after a mass shooting that leaves dozens or more dead and they begin to fear that tighter restrictions are going to be put into place.

If a peaceful gathering of gun owners had been tear-gassed and their guns taken on President Obama’s orders because some gun owners have killed many people, the right would be going into apoplexy. But the right for the left to peacefully assemble and protest was taken in just that way on Sunday and Republicans have remained silent on the issue.

The sight of peaceful protesters gathered in front of the White House to protests police brutality being charged and attacked by members of the U.S. military, however, was entirely too much for some more constitutionally-minded members of Congress. Sen. Tim Kaine, former running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016, is set to introduce the NDAA, an amendment to an existing bill that would prevent the use of military force against American people.

According to WKZO:

‘Senator Tim Kaine said he would introduce an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a massive bill setting policy for the Pentagon, which the Senate will be considering over the coming weeks.’

Kaine, asked about the bill’s amendment, responded by saying what every sane and decent American was already thinking after the gruesome scene on Sunday.

‘I never thought we would have to use the NDAA to make clear that the U.S. military shouldn’t be used as an agent of force against American citizens who are lawfully assembling.’.

The amendment calls on the power of Congress to “control the purse strings,” or decide where federal money is spent. In particular, this amendment is attached to a bill relating to expenditures by the Pentagon.

‘The NDAA, which determines how the Pentagon spends its money – this year $730 billion – is one of the few pieces of major legislation that passes every year. The bill governs everything from soldiers’ pay rates to how many fighter jets are bought to which bases are closed.’

The bill is expected to pass, although the fate of Kaine’s amendment in a Republican-controlled Congress is anyone’s guess. However, this is definitely a bill that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not be able to leave untouched on his desk.

‘Since it is seen as “must-pass” legislation, members of Congress also typically use the NDAA as a vehicle for a wide range of policy matters. For example, this year’s bill is expected to address the novel coronavirus crisis and dealings with China.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube