Latest 2020 Texas Poll Results Show Unprecedented Liberal Surge


President Donald Trump can not count on re-election this November. Besides the already established cascade of polls on both the national and swing state levels in which he loses by hefty margins to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden, there’s now a new poll of Texas voters out via Quinnipiac University that reveals that the Democrats are mounting a formidable challenge in that traditionally very “red” state too. In the new Quinnipiac poll results, Trump nabbed 44 percent of the vote and Biden nabbed 43 percent, putting the margin separating the two of them well within the poll’s 2.9 percent margin of error.

Overall, not a lot of polling meant to measure voter support in the general election match-up between Trump and Biden has been done in Texas, but there have been other good signs. In one Public Policy Polling survey that was completed in the state in April, Biden actually had a one percent lead, finishing with 47 percent of the support compared to 46 percent for Trump. In a Dallas Morning News survey completed that same month, Trump and Biden were tied in the state; each candidate nabbed 43 percent of the support. Overall, RealClearPolitics reports, Trump leads in the sparse polling that’s been conducted by an average of just 2.2 percent.

In this case, Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy comments:

‘Too tight to tell in Texas. As the country confronts chaos and COVID-19, perhaps one of the most important states of all is a toss-up.’

The new data also includes measurements of voters’ opinions on whether Trump or Biden would be better at handling the economy, health care in general, and the Coronavirus pandemic in particular. A full 54 percent opted for Trump on the economy, but 49 percent opted for Biden on health care, significantly ahead of the 43 percent who opted for Trump’s health care handling. Coronavirus response had the closest margin — 47 percent of Texas respondents said that they thought Biden would handle the crisis better, while 45 percent said Trump.