Latest Michigan, Florida, & N.C. Poll Results Spell Doom For Trump


President Donald Trump remains profoundly unpopular in many areas of the country, and amidst the chaos of his failed Coronavirus response compounded with his inane, violent response to protests against police brutality, he may be heading for a loss in the general election this November. A new set of polling data from CNBC and Change Research covering an array of swing states has presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading Trump in states including Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina. Trump won each one of those states in 2016, and if all else remained the same except him losing those three states this time around, he’d lose the election since the states overall have 70 electoral votes.

In Florida, Biden nabbed a full 48 percent of the support compared to just 45 percent for Trump, while in Michigan, Biden had 48 percent of the support compared to 46 percent for Trump. North Carolina had the closest margin — Biden had 46 percent of the support compared to 45 percent for Trump. Currently, averages of polling data in Florida and Michigan have Biden ahead overall, while the North Carolina average — which doesn’t yet include the Change Research polling as of early Wednesday — has Trump ahead by 1 percent, according to RealClearPolitics.

Why would voters be motivated to vote for Trump in the first place? Throughout his time in office, he has promoted division and destruction for Americans. Laughably, Trump even tried to point to his supposed southern border wall as supposed evidence of his administration’s greatness during a Twitter rant this week — but in reality, the administration has, as of very recently, constructed just three miles of barrier in places where there was nothing previously. Just three miles.

Trump has also failed to respond in any systematically effective fashion to the protests that have erupted around the U.S. in recent days against police brutality. He has, quite literally, proposed more police brutality in response to the demonstrations.

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