Latest Trump Approval Ratings Confirm Major 8-Day Plunge


The well-respected 538 poll tracker showed Donald Trump’s dismal ratings for all the world to see. Immediately after four white policemen committed a homicide in slow motion against a black man in their custody, George Floyd, peaceful rallies immediately cropped up crisscrossing the nation. Things are not looking good for POTUS’ in poll world.

The coronavirus epidemic has killed 108,000+ Americans, 21.7 of every 100 of the people have been unemployed, and countless small businesses have failed. New York Governor Mario Cuomo summed it all up according to the New York governor’s site:

‘These are perilous times.’

Rather than trying to heal a hurting nation, Trump has done his best to stir up racial tensions. He sees a racial conflict as to his advantage, but the polls disagree.

In order for any movement to take hold, there are three aspects of it that are vital:

  • Participation of the elite, meaning the endorsement of police chiefs and other top officials and community leaders
  • A strategy for accomplishing its goals.
  • Long-term, broad participation in the movement.Screen-Shot-2020-06-03-at-11.41.03-AM Latest Trump Approval Ratings Confirm Major 8-Day Plunge Coronavirus Economy Featured Polls Top Stories

It appears this movement may succeed. If Trump and his willing Senate will not bring the country together, the people will pick up that mantle, along with the support of the states, and carry it forward.

Trump’s disapproval rating as compiled by 538 was higher than in the previous six months, 54.4 percent. His approval rating was 42.6 percent. That was 11.5 percent lower than any time in the past five months. The Newsweek magazine wrote:

‘Morning Consult put voter disapproval of Trump’s coronavirus response at 53 percent on June 1, matching the previous high in March. Approval of his response was just 41 percent.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-03-at-11.41.33-AM Latest Trump Approval Ratings Confirm Major 8-Day Plunge Coronavirus Economy Featured Polls Top Stories

As the wave of protests gripped the country, the issue quickly became about far more than one man’s death, although Goerge Floyd has become a powerful symbol of that movement. Racial inequality did not go away with the Civil Rights movement. It went underground. The number of people of black deaths due to the coronavirus has been dramatically higher than white deaths.

There were a number of reasons behind that difference, but one fact was that many of the “essential workers” who made up much of the nation’s framework were people of color. People began to understand the value of those on the front lines of the pandemic war in their own lives. Before, they feared an unknown other, and now they are moving closer to standing for equal treatment.

People quickly understood that by day, protesters of all colors, ages, and economic ranges peacefully demonstrated. Then by night, a small group of looters and vandals did their own dirty work — completely separate from the peace lovers. Unlike previous movements, a majority of Americans got that vital discrepancy.

Trump tweeted Monday:

‘D.C. had no problems last night. Many arrests. Great job done by all. Overwhelming force. Domination.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-03-at-11.42.10-AM Latest Trump Approval Ratings Confirm Major 8-Day Plunge Coronavirus Economy Featured Polls Top Stories

Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the homicide of Floyd. The family has been told that the other three police involved will be arrested, too. All charges can be upgraded.

Americans did not approve of Trump’s handling of the pandemic either:

‘The Trump administration’s response to the pandemic was not viewed favorably by the American public, polling suggested. Issues around delays to testing, a lack of medical and protective equipment, and Trump’s controversial remarks about the disease appear to have cut through.’

Trump ignored the pandemic for months after he knew the situation, and he caused thousands and perhaps, ten of thousands of people to die needlessly.

Deputy Press Secretary for Tump’s 2020 campaign Ken Farnaso released at: statement to Newsweek:

‘2016 proved that polling is notoriously wrong and has always underestimated the President and his ability to connect with the American people. President Trump’s America First agenda ushered in an economic renaissance, a renewed national security, strengthened our relationships with our allies, and kept our foes at bay.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-03-at-11.41.46-AM Latest Trump Approval Ratings Confirm Major 8-Day Plunge Coronavirus Economy Featured Polls Top Stories

His statement continued:

‘Compared to [Joe] Biden’s dismal track record of record slow economic growth, China appeasement, and communist ideas, Americans know that it is a binary choice between a President who will fight for them versus a four decades-long, Washington elitist who will bow down to global leaders.’

The survey of 1,989 registered voters has a margin of error of 2 +/- percentage points. 538 tracks the polls and weights them per the quality of the research and research methodology.

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