Trump Panics As Electoral College Projections Take Historic Turn


President Donald Trump seems likely to be heading for a loss during the presidential election this November. CNN’s Chris Cilizza reports in a new analysis for CNN that a slew of swing state polls reveal that the options for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to win the 270 electoral votes that he needs to secure the presidency just keep growing and growing. In state after state, including states that Trump won in 2016, Biden is in the lead, meaning that he has a slew of options for toppling Trump’s own 270 electoral vote coalition from 2016. Meanwhile, if Trump loses just a small selection of the states in which he’s currently set up for a loss based on poll numbers, then he’s done for.

Cilizza reports:

‘Amid the protests following the police killing of George Floyd and the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic, something very important has been overlooked: President Donald Trump is now a decided underdog to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win a second term in the fall.’

The numbers that Cilizza cites include Fox News polls that reveal Biden ahead by 4 percent in Arizona, 2 percent in Ohio, and 9 percent in Wisconsin, while another poll, this time from Quinnipiac University, revealed that Trump was in the lead in Texas by an estimated meager 1 percent. That number, of course, means that Biden could seemingly easily flip the state away from Trump, although in 2016, Trump won the state by about 9 percent. The Biden lead in recent Fox News polling out of Ohio is similarly dramatic, since in 2016, Trump won Ohio by a whopping 8 percent.

Cilizza explains:

‘How bad are those numbers for Trump? To put a fine point on it: Really bad. The last Democrat to win Arizona at the presidential level was Bill Clinton in 1996. In Texas, no Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976 has carried the state in a presidential race. Ohio was one of the swingiest states in presidential races at the start of this century but moved heavily toward Trump in 2016, as he carried it by 8 points. And Wisconsin is widely seen as the most likely state that Trump flipped in 2016 to again support him… Biden, as of right now, has a WHOLE lot of different paths to 270 electoral votes, while Trump has a dwindling number.’

Of course, Trump doesn’t seem exactly likely to acknowledge issues with his political standing. He’s essentially built his political career on lies. He has attempted to depict Biden as “sleepy” and unequipped to face the challenges that Trump himself is supposedly so equipped for — but while Trump has kept himself hidden away in the White House amidst days of national protests against police brutality, Biden has been delivering speeches that have inspired many and have charted a path ahead for the United States.

Biden has recently commented:

‘I wish I could say this hate began with Donald Trump and will end with him. It didn’t, and it won’t. American history isn’t a fairytale with a guaranteed happy ending. It’s up to all of us to create the America we know we can be.’