Trump Stares Down Black Reporter, Lifts Finger To Lips, & Gets Nuts


This Friday, President Donald Trump held a press conference in the White House’s Rose Garden where he discussed the newly released jobs numbers for May, which were slightly less abysmal than feared. In fact, although overall unemployment did fall slightly, unemployment among black Americans in particular was actually documented to have gone up. (Unemployment also went up among Asian Americans in particular.) When PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor tried to ask Trump about these problems, he literally shushed her, said she was “something else,” and walked away. If he didn’t want to face pressure over basic economic questions, then why is he president?

After Alcindor asked about his plans for addressing systemic racism in the United States, Trump offered the self-confident but ultimately meaningless diatribe:

‘What’s happening to our country, and what you now see has been happening is the greatest thing that can happen for race relations, for the African American community, for the Asian American community, for the Hispanic American community, for women, for everything, because our country is so strong, and that’s what my plan is — we’re going to have the strongest economy in the world. We almost are there now. We had the strongest economy anywhere in the world, and now we’re going to have an economy that’s even stronger.’

So his plan to address the economic issues faced by black Americans and other marginalized communities is to… be “great”? Saying that the U.S. is going to have a strong economy is slightly more specific, but he has still completely failed to identify an actual way in which this “strength” will actually help the black Americans who are continuing to struggle no matter whatever on earth is happening in the stock market or in the economy overall.

After Alcindor asked a follow-up question of why he was proclaiming the latest jobs numbers to be a victory although they revealed a worsening situation for black Americans, Trump angrily lashed out, insisted she was “something else,” and left. Watch below:

Besides his frequent rants against the media in general, Trump has also previously singled out Alcindor in particular. For example, all the way back in 2017, he suggested that she should set up a meeting for him with the Congressional Black Caucus. The only connection between her and the caucus is that she and the caucus members were both black, revealing even more presidential racism.