Jack Dorsey Tweets Directly At Trump Calling Him A Liar


Donald Trump loves a good conspiracy theory, and that’s because his supporters, the same people who post constant memes and GIFs about liberals “crying” and being offended over everything, are constantly crying and being offended over the slightest negative statement made about Trump. On Friday night, Trump tried to start a new conspiracy theory about a video removed from Twitter. He was fact-checked swiftly.

Trump complained that the video was of him “showing empathy for peaceful protesters,” which certainly didn’t happen while police and members of the military were shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at them so that Trump could walk across the White House lawn for a photo-op. In truth, the video was removed over a copyright complaint, most likely because it used a song for which the Trump campaign did not buy the rights to use. Trump has famously been cited for this numerous times.


The link in the tweet leads to an article from The David J. Harris Jr. Show, a website that has been fact-checked and found to be misleading on a number of topics, including published videos of “drunk Californians” who the video claimed shouldn’t be allowed to vote which was actually filmed in Philadelphia. In the article, the writer claims that the video was removed from Twitter because of its heartwarming images of Donald Trump offering sympathy to protesters.

‘Twitter fact-checked a tweet on Trump’s account where he said that many mail-in ballots would be “fraudulent” and predicted big problems with the November presidential election.  Incidentally, many believe the Democrats are pushing for mail-in ballots so that they can cheat Trump out of the White House.  Under his tweet, there’s now a hyperlink reading “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” that points visitors to a Twitter “moments” page with fact checks and news stories about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.  Of course, everything the president said was accurate, but since Twitter is now invested in Trump losing reelection, they’re doing everything they can to help bring about his defeat, including censoring the president of the United States.’

The writer also claims that if a copyright claim was made, it is only because the “leftists” got to the owner of the copyright and forced them to file a complaint. This is how ridiculous the conspiracy theories that Trump pushes on his supporters go, and that’s only because they believe them.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube