Republican Defectors Release New Instantly Viral Anti-Trump Video


President Donald Trump is failing to consolidate even the support of his own political party heading into the general election this November. The anti-Trump Republicans behind the group known as The Lincoln Project have now come out with a hard-hitting new video ad against the president that spotlights how many Americans have united against his regime. As the ad outlines, Trump infamously claimed that his 2017 inauguration was spectacularly attended — although actual attendance was definitely not some kind of astronomical number — but in recent days, huge numbers of Americans have, in fact, turned out to the streets of D.C. — and they’ve been there to protest.

In the new Lincoln Project ad, a narrator observes:

‘It took almost four years for Trump to get the crowds he wanted. After years of Donald Trump’s divisiveness and discord, America is coming together.’

The ad then cuts to scenes of huge protests in cities including New York, Denver, Portland, and Washington, D.C.

The narrator continues:

‘This year, we have a choice to make: America, or Trump. Imagine how big the crowds will be when he’s gone. A new day begins on November 3rd.’

Check out the ad below:

The recent wave of protests that have rocked the United States were sparked by yet another instance of violent police brutality in which Minneapolis cops murdered a black man named George Floyd. The ensuing demonstrations have provided a catalyst for American outrage at much of the wider, concurrent injustice, much of which Donald Trump himself has helped exacerbate. He’s spent his time in office handing tax breaks to his rich friends and quite literally profiting off the presidency thanks to the repeated government usage of his own properties — and that’s about it.

Asked recently whether the president supports the core message of the Black Lives Matter movement — which is, quite simply, that black lives matter and need protection — White
House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to directly answer the question. Instead, she bragged about Trump having received about 8 percent of the votes from black Americans in 2016, as if that’s a good total.