Kayleigh McEnany Caught Mocking Elderly Protestor Shoved By Police


This week, President Donald Trump posted the brazenly absurd conspiracy theory on Twitter that an elderly man who was assaulted by police in Buffalo, New York, may be a secret Antifa agitator. There’s apparently little, if anything, that White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany wouldn’t back the president up on, because during a subsequent appearance on Fox & Friends, she passionately defended the president’s absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theory. Laughably, McEnany claimed that “there are a lot of questions in that case” and  “the president was just raising some of those questions.”

To be clear: there is no evidence for Trump’s claim that the elderly victim, 75-year-old Martin Gugino, may have staged his injuries. Gugino was hospitalized with a serious head injury after two police officers shoved him to the ground while he was just peacefully walking in their general direction. Those two officers have been charged with felony assault. Meanwhile, Trump, McEnany, and others apparently live in a self-induced fantasy in which Gugino may have staged the whole encounter — or something.

McEnany said:

‘The president was raising questions based on a report that he saw, questions that need to be asked and every case we can’t jump on one side without looking at all of the facts at play. This individual has some very questionable tweets, some profanity-laden tweets about police officers. Of course no on condones any sort of violence. We need the appropriate amount of force used in any interaction, but there are a lot of questions in that case.’

Watch below:

McEnany and her supporters are simply staggeringly willfully ignorant and should not be taken seriously at this point. No, the guy who was violently assaulted by police on camera is not some kind of secret member of oh-so-spooky Antifa. Antifa isn’t even a centralized organization. It just means “anti-fascist,” but Trump and his cronies use it as a bogeyman-like term for their opponents.

Asked whether it was appropriate for the president to bring up his latest conspiracy theory on the very same day that George Floyd, who was recently killed by police and whose death has sparked national outcry, was laid to rest, McEnany added:

‘The president has acknowledged so many times and rightfully so the injustice with George Floyd. He was upset when he saw that video as I noted he gave an entire speech about Mr. Floyd and the grave injustice there, but the president was raising some questions, some legitimate ones about that particular interaction and it’s his prerogative to do so.’

Discussing Trump’s original propagation of the insane conspiracy theory in question, NBC reporter Ben Collins explained that the “[One America News] conspiracy theory the president is livetweeting here was reported by an ex-Sputnik (Russian state media) reporter, who last month claimed coronavirus was a cover by George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the Clintons and China for “population control.”” That Coronavirus conspiracy theory is obviously completely detached from reality and reflective of no truth in any whatsoever, but the problem is that these are the sources who the president of the United States thinks are worthwhile. In service of his ego, Trump is completely detached from reality and does not care.