Mass Shooting Hits 8 People After Man Denied Entry To Business


As the Coronavirus pandemic has continued to unfold across the United States, the American epidemic of gun violence has also continued to unfold. Outside a bar in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday night, an attacker — who escaped the scene — shot eight people with a long rifle that he had in his car. The attack took place after a group of people including the eventual shooter were denied entry to the bar on account of their apparent intoxication. According to CNN, all of those who the shooter hit are in stable condition.

The only piece of identifying information that’s been publicly reported about the shooter is that they claimed to be a “UFC fighter from California” before opening fire. Police are attempting to identify the subject through means including surveillance footage. CNN reports:

‘Police are searching for a shooter who opened fire after he was denied entry into a bar in San Antonio, wounding eight people, authorities said. The five women and three men injured are ages 23 to 41, and are in stable condition, said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. There were no fatalities… The shooter said, “‘don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter from California,'” according to McManus. He said the suspect went back to his car, grabbed “a long rifle” then walked back across the street and opened fire outside the bar.’

So far, since January 1, at least 7,303 people have died from gun violence in the United States, not including suicides, according to the Gun Violence Archive. A full 185 mass shootings have been reported in the U.S. within that same time frame, including the San Antonio incident. Hundreds of children and teens have been among the dead.

Months and months ago, the Democrat-led House passed legislation establishing universal background checks for gun sales, which a majority of the public supports, but the Republican-led Senate has refused to take up the legislation.