Mitch McConnell’s 2020 Re-Election Collapses After Support Erodes


Imagine a world in which not only is Donald Trump no longer the president of the United States, but the Senate is led by someone other than Mitch McConnell (R-KY). In fact, imagine Mitch McConnell out of work with no power at all.

If you think it can’t happen, you must have missed the 2018 gubernatorial race in Kentucky. The state’s new governor, Democrat Andy Beshear, could assure you that it’s not only possible to oust far-right conservatives from Kentucky’s government, but that it’s already being done.

McConnell’s most prominent challenger for the Senate in 2020 is a retired 20-year Marine with moderate policies and a growing swell of supporters and campaign donors. In fact, she has so far outraged both Mitch McConnell and all of her primary challengers…combined.

The Hill reports that:

‘McGrath’s campaign reported in a filing with the Federal Election Commission that it raised $11.3 million from April 1-June 3 and currently has $19.3 million in the bank. McConnell’s campaign reported hauling in $7.2 million in the same time period and is sitting on $15.4 million.’

While Kentucky has reelected McConnell in every election for the past 36 years, his approval rating in both the state and nationally, where he is the least popular member of the 100-person U.S. Senate, indicate that he is ripe for being beaten in 2020. Donors appear to believe that McGrath stands a good chance of beating the long-time Senate Majority Leader.


According to a recent campaign ad for McGrath:

‘Amy has beat Mitch’s funding from deep-pocket special interests with donations from Kentuckians in all 120 counties and an average donation of $37. She’s built a grassroots team from the ground up that is capable of going toe-to-toe with Mitch in the fall.’

McGrath’s support is showing real signs of gaining steam just as Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s did in his race against former Governor Matt Bevin. While Kentucky, a deep red state in the South, will be a tough nut for any Democrat to crack, it certainly seems to be in the realm of the possible in 2020.

According to Newsweek:

‘With the candidates’ positions on term limits factored in, McGrath was backed by 45 percent of respondents, while McConnell was supported by just 30 percent. But 17 percent of those surveyed were still undecided, and 8 percent said they’d vote for a different candidate.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube