New White House Leak Details Trump’s Wild Paranoia & Rage


According to White House insiders speaking to NBC, President Donald Trump is increasingly walling himself off from reality as numerous issues continue to plague the United States and his re-election chances end up even further on the rocks. Reportedly, he has repeatedly dismissed the huge groups of protesters who’ve been demonstrating against police brutality around the United States recently, insisting to advisers that they’re not “my voters,” as if that’s an excuse for him assuming no responsibility to care about their concerns. NBC reports that his ignorantly haphazard approach to the situation led one Republican ally of the president to insist “that the president appears to be “spinning wheels” because he’s not setting the agenda on policing and race in the U.S. when he “should be leading on these issues” by taking steps like banning tactics like chokeholds.”

When confronted with basic facts like poll data, Trump has been dismissing the information as fake news, NBC explains, revealing that the forever self-obsessed Trump “told his political advisers in an Oval Office meeting just last week that he didn’t believe the polls they presented him with.”

That complete disconnect from the seriousness of the situation at hand is not exactly a great look for a president of the United States, let alone a presidential candidate seeking voters who are willing to give him four more years in the White House. Throughout recent polling, Trump has been losing, big time — on the national level, in important swing states around the country, among women, among voters who are 65 and older, and according to other important metrics, too.

Trump has remained laser-focused on his re-election prospects, according to insiders, but he’s been blocking out damaging information and refusing to take it seriously. Advisers described the president as displaying a “stubborn adherence to tactics he believes have served him well politically,” NBC explains. But those tactics aren’t actually working for anything other than making his already committed base even more attached to him, although reportedly, there’s a group of his advisers spread across the White House and his campaign who support the president’s belligerence. That group probably includes people like longtime Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

NBC reports:

‘Among advisers who said they want the president to more fully embrace reforms, there is growing concern that Trump is further hurting his re-election chances by taking positions that seem so out of step with where the country is headed. Those concerns have been bolstered by Trump viewing the protests through a political lens, they said, with anyone calling for change seen as inherently opposing his re-election effort.”

“Spinning wheels,” “so out of touch” — none of these descriptions sound like the president’s re-election effort is exactly on track. The president is further dividing the country in an attempt to use the divisions to his political advantage — that’s what his apparent “strategy” boils down to, as the NBC report outlines.

It’s led to spectacles like his recent racist rant against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). He tweeted:

‘Seriously failed presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, just introduced an Amendment on the renaming of many of our legendary Military Bases from which we trained to WIN two World Wars. Hopefully our great Republican Senators won’t fall for this!’

Trump is out of touch with his own political party — the measure that Trump mentions passed a Senate panel on which Republicans are the majority.