Trump’s #1 Economic Adviser Loses Fact Check Live On Fox News


Donald Trump is hot to open up the economy. In his house of cards world, he is trying to create the illusion that the economy is doing much better. He has been running on a good stock market, so a crashing economy does not look good. The coronavirus shut down all the business and forced all the people except essential workers to stay home. What was POTUS’ solution?

Forty million people were out of work. There were 115,000 coronavirus deaths and counting. So, Trump started trying to convince the country that the pandemic was over. Put away all the masks.

He thought that would trick people into believing that everything was fine, even though the number of cases was rising in 22 states. Trump sent his minions out on the cable talk shows. His top economic adviser Director of the United States National Economic Council Larry Kudlow went on Fox News to say there would be no second wave of COVID-19.

Still, people were not stupid. They could look around them and see people getting sick and know that this was either a second wave or a second spike in the first wave of the virus. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic was not over. Just saying so did not make it so. In fact, pretending there was no virus and tricking people into going without masks, caused the number of cases to rise dramatically.

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Trump has planned to hold his first rally since he had to stop this spring. The infected air will circulate. As people shout and cheer the president, they will spread the disease a far greater distance than if they were not talking at all — 13 feet.

The coastal cities have let their first wave peter out, but the coronavirus had not even peaked the first time in many of the other states.

Fox News host Sandra Smith told Kudlow:

‘Friday morning, you said on Fox News Channel — and I remember it so clearly — you said no second wave, and you said it again. Since then, we have received new data points.’

Smith noted that the states have been experiencing “COVID spikes across the country.” Kudlow replied:

‘I understand the growing concerns. And we’re going to have these concerns for a while. But I’ve been in touch with our health experts each of the last four or five days, including this morning. These are relatively small bumps. They’re there. I’m not denying it.’

Then, Kudlow added another excuse. He said the reason there was a spike in new cases:

‘[W]e are testing at a hundred times what we were a few months ago. I think it’s something we have to get used to. I think it’s controllable.’

The other Fox News host Ed Henry pushed Kudlow harder:

‘How can you say again as you did a moment ago, “We’re not shutting the economy down again?” Nobody is wishing for this. But, God forbid the health experts go to the president and say, “Look, we’re fearful this is going the wrong way and there could be tens of thousands of more people dying.” You’re saying the president still will not shut down the economy?’

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Then, Kudlow came back with:

‘The president is absolutely disinclined to shut down the economy. I think shutting down the economy could be worse for our health than not shutting it down.’

After that, the president’s adviser made a wild and inaccurate comparison. He compared the coronavirus pandemic to a “hurricane” or “bad snowstorm.” What a joke:

‘Hardship, heartbreak, yes. But when it passes, people return back to their work.’

Check out the entire  interview below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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