Journalist Declares Trump Sexually Abused Her & Demands Justice


Donald Trump treated the governors of the 50 states as if they were his employees during a June 1 conference call with them and he was their toxic boss. The original purpose was to toughen up their stance to end the riots and violence resulting from protests over George Floyd’s death while in police custody. Or was it?

During his volcanic call, Trump boasted about his connection to New York City, NY. As a result, he cannot claim he does not live in New York. Before, he used his residency move to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL to avoid responsibility from journalist E. Jean Carroll, who claimed he sexually attacked her.

Attorneys for Carroll wrote in their court filing that Trump broke his attorneys’ claim that the lawsuit should have a change of venue (location) to Mar-a-Lago, FL. The journalist is also suing Trump for defamation of character.

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In the case filed in court, the transcript of Trump’s phone call was made available. He was referring to the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) “initial failure to stop the looting and mayhem there,” The Washington Post Reported:

‘I don’t know what’s happening in Manhattan, but it’s terrible.’

Carroll sued the president when he said that she was a “liar” for “fabricated the sexual assault to sell her book.” In her memoir, she alleged that POTUS raped her in one of Bergdorf Goodman’s dressing rooms in the 1990s. The location is a “high-end Manhattan department store.”

Another lawsuit asked the New York judge for a waiver to the five-year-deadline. The woman in this lawsuit claimed that Trump aggressively sexually assaulted her when she was just 13-years-old. She filed in California with no legal assistance. Then, she filed in New York City, and that case has been pending.

Screen-Shot-2020-06-16-at-1.13.49-PM Journalist Declares Trump Sexually Abused Her & Demands Justice Corruption Featured Feminism Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

The allegation against Vice President Joe Biden by a former employee was remarkably similar to Carroll’s rape by Trump.

Ohe of the defunct Apprentice television show’s contestants Summer Zervos also accused Trump of sexual assault. Of course, he denies it. The case is currently pending before the New York State Court of Appeals. That is New York’s highest court. It will determine whether the president can be “sued personally while in office or if he is immune.”

At this time arguments for the Zervos case are not scheduled. A court spokesman commented on Monday saying the case might be heard in October. That would be a very bad time for Trump, given the November 3, 2020 presidential election. However, the case will probably be held in 2021.

The New York State Supreme Court judge on Carroll’s case has not determined whether to hold the case and wait until the appeals court determines whether Trump has immunity. Carroll’s attorneys want a DNA sample from POTUS in order to compare it to “genetic material on Carroll’s dress” — from the day of the attack.

Naturally, Trump’s attorneys claimed immunity in both cases, because he is president of these United States. They have also tried to delay Carroll’s case until the Zervos case will be tried.

In early March, Judge Vera Saunders heard arguments for Carroll, but she has not released her decision. Part of the delay can be blamed on the coronavirus for shutting down all nonessential issues in the city’s courts.

The results on Monday makes Carroll’s attorneys’ argument for trying the case in New York more legitimate. After all, Trump lived in New York his entire life. In addition, the president based his campaign headquarters at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Earlier, Trump made an attempt to register for Florida voter residency, but he used his White House address. Naturally, he had to reapply with the correct address. Her attorneys claimed. that this was an example of how he used whatever address was the most convenient to suit his needs.

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