Trump Defends Racist Confederate Statues During Speech About Racism


On Tuesday, President Donald Trump held a press conference outside the White House, where he discussed an executive order he was signing in response to recent nationwide protests against police brutality. The executive order doesn’t actually do much. For instance, Trump claimed that under newly encouraged guidelines, officers would be banned from using chokeholds unless their life was at risk — and it’s easy for a cop to claim their life was at risk in just about any circumstance. Towards the conclusion of his initial remarks about the topic of systemic racism and police brutality, Trump went so far off base that he offered an implicit defense of statues around the U.S. honoring Confederate leaders. Could he be any more out of touch?

Laughably, in the same remarks, he also praised “cooperation” as if he doesn’t try and upend just about every opportunity for cooperation imaginable. He has barely ever met with Congressional Democrats — and when he has, he’s stormed out and/or launched into ridiculous stream-of-consciousness-style monlogues.

This time, he said:

‘To go forward, we must seek cooperation, not confrontation. We must build upon our heritage, not tear it down, and we must cherish the principles of America’s founding as we strive to deliver safe, beautiful, elegant justice and liberty for all.’

The condemnation of “tearing down” heritage seems to refer to the contentious Confederacy-honoring statues.

At another point during his Tuesday remarks outside the White House, Trump momentarily claimed that there’s little reason to be concerned about the development of a Coronavirus response because, according to him, the people were working on it who worked on the AIDS vaccine. The problem is — there is not an AIDS vaccine.

Trump said:

‘These are the people, the best, the smartest … And they’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine. They’ve come up with⁠— or, the AIDS, and, as you know, there’s various things and now various companies are involved, but the therapeutic for AIDS.’

Again — there is not an AIDS vaccine. Trump seemingly expects us to trust his team’s handling of the Coronavirus, when he can’t even get these basic facts straight.