New Trump Vs Biden 2020 Poll Show Plunge To 7 Month Low


Who was that masked man? It certainly was not Donald Trump or any of his Republican legislative supporters. Donald Trump has a bleak record of mishandling the pandemic, the 40 million unemployed Americans, and other national hotspots where he should have been able to take the lead. After George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis MN man was murdered by a white policeman, Americans had enough.

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll, voters expressed their dismay over the president’s lack of leadership. He goes around shirking all of his responsibilities, while at the same time, he has tried to take credit for every success. Trump’s Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden has picked up 13 points while Trump plunged to a seven-month low.

The poll was conducted among randomly-selected registered voters from June 10 to June 16. It showed that 48 percent of the interviewees indicated that they would vote for Biden in the November 3 presidential election. Only 35 percent indicated they would support the president in his bid for reelection.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has worked for both parties over his decades of service, and he commented on the basic problem underlying Donald Trump — he has had no longterm strategies in a world of long-term thinkers. In fact, the US president has managed to dismantle every system that would have supported him now.

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This has gone beyond trying to erase. President Barack Obama’s achievements. The sitting president of the United States appears to be trying to erase democracy and install a dictatorship.

He even appears to be trying to erase many of his core voters by holding a masks-optional rally, a fashion statement Republican legislators have mimicked. Doctors have warned him that he is setting up a Petri dish of COVOD-19 pandemic on Saturday by recirculating the air breathed in and out by tells of thousands of yelling and chanting followers.

Those people will go back to their communities and spread death to their children, their older parents, plus their friends and family members with compromised immune systems.

A CNN Poll released earlier in June indicated that Biden had a 14-point lead over the president again, among registered voters. The Reuters Ipsos Poll indicated that a full 57 percent of the country’s voters disapproved of the job POTUS has been doing. Only 38 percent approved. This was Trump’s lowest approval rating since the impeachment hearings.
Trump alarmed a majority of Americans when he sicced the members of various military and policing entities onto peaceful protesters outside of the White House grounds. Beginning in March, the president’s numbers have continued to decline.
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Americans were willing to stay home and shelter from the COVID-19 pandemic and wear masks, as the economy crashed. The president’s job was to use this time to find ways of containing the virus. Testing would have been a good way to manage it.

Instead, Trump told people the fewer tests, the fewer cases. People are not stupid, and their unhappiness was reflected in the polls. Over 119,000 and counting people across America have died from coronavirus. Well over two million have been infected.


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Just as Texas, Florida, and Arizona have continued toward their original wave’s peak, the president will be holding his rally in Oklahoma. For some reason, the White House does not realize that the virus began on the coasts, therefore, the interior of the country would peak later.

When asked about how Trump managed the pandemic, only 40 percent approved, while a whopping 55 percent of the nation’s people disapproved. Two-thirds of those who participated in the poll identified with the protesters.

In the center of all these serious issues, Trump has released his autocratic tendencies. He threatened the governors, stating he would deploy his military in order to “dominate” legally protesting Americans.

States have begun to open their businesses in stages, usually. The problem has been that when the number of coronavirus cases rises, freeing people multiplies its effect. Trump tries to pretend the problems do not exist, so that he can open up businesses in the false belief. that will gin up the economy. Instead, this tactic will spread the virus further.

Keep in mind, this plan showed no concern for the people Trump should be protecting. Americans will not automatically return to the past ways of dining out and traveling. The economy needs time to reopen.

Forty-three percent of the poll participants said Trump would do a better job with the economy, even though 40 million people have lost their jobs, which may never come back. Biden took 38 percent of the participants.

The Reuters/Ipsos was carried out online. The language it used was English, even though the poll covered the nation. This random sampling included 4,426 adults. There were 1,593 Republicans and 2,047 Democrats participating. The margin of error was 2 +/- percent, which is very good.

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