Trump Campaign Forced To Cancel Overflow Rally Speech Because There Is No Overflow


Five days ago, Donald Trump claimed that nearly a million people had requested tickets to his first rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Video cameras caught rabid supporters waiting outside for several days to get into the rally. A speech was planned for the overflow who would be waiting outdoors.

As it turns out, there wasn’t even enough of an overflow crowd to justify a speech, which was cancelled. The venue holds just over 19,000 people, which means that by Trump’s estimate, nearly 981,000 people should have been waiting outside. They weren’t. Photos of outside the venue show them virtually empty, without even many protestors bothering to attend.

It remains to be seen if the new White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, will make the same fool of herself that Sean Spicer once did with his “the biggest crowd to witness an inauguration…period!” speech, but it’s likely that Trump will demand that she do it. It’s also likely that Trump will blame the media for not showing the crowd or having taken photos prior to the crowd’s arrival, but the photos from supporters inside the event are posting similar photos.

It’s unlikely that Trump will ever admit it, but it seems his base may be shrinking down to just his die-hard supporters, which appear to be fewer and fewer these days. With news like this compounding Trump’s worries over polls showing him losing to Biden by as much as 14 points, the news for the Trump campaign is not positive at the moment.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter