Trump Installs $50,000 Gaming System Inside White House


The president is very self-conscious about his weight, and that shows in how he carries himself. Take a look at how the president walks to his Marine One helicopter or walks gingerly down the ramp after his West Point graduation address. That was when we saw that Donald Trump also had concerns that can come with age. Consider how he looks compared to President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.

Part of the problem with Trump has been that he rarely exercises and feeds himself with junk food. He enjoyed playing golf with some frequency, but instead of walking, which is excellent exercise, he has been riding around in a golf cart. Several years ago at a Big Seven meeting (2017) leaders across the world took a stroll around Sicily and appeared concerned when Trump showed up in a golf cart, according to The Business Insider.

Conversely, President Roosevelt (1901-1909) rode horses throughout his life and walked farther than the president on a regular basis. This was partially due to the fact that he did not have the modern conveniences of today.

This president decided he had not spent enough time playing the links and installed a “room-sized golf simulator” game in the presidential quarters, according to The Washington Post. The game lets him play virtual rounds, which may further hinder his ability to tell fact from fiction, because he often lives in a virtual reality.  He hits the ball into a large video screen.

President Barack Obama had put in place a far less involved simulator.

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Source: Screenshot via YouTube.

An anonymous White House official said that Trump’s game cost approximately $50,000, and he said he paid for it and the installation himself. Still, people may never know how he funded his high-tech golf course. The game’s website indicated that the game started at $49,995. After sheltering in the White House, he decided he needed something better to occupy all of his time.

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Source: Screenshot via YouTube.

President has long periods of time where he has been free. Trump rarely comes downstairs from his private quarters before noon. He appeared to take a page from Congress and implemented it on a daily basis. He typically spends eight hours every day “watching TV, tweeting, holding impromptu meetings and making phone calls, aides have said.”

Axios took a look at the president’s schedule for three months. It appeared that Trump spent 60 percent of his schedule on “executive time.” Now it appears that Trump may have scheduled his imagined next four years playing golf under “executive exercise.” He said:

‘When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing,” he tweeted shortly after the Axios report was released.’

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Source: Screenshot via YouTube.

The Washington Post relayed:

‘The White House official said that Trump has not used his new golf simulator during executive time — or at all since it was put in.’

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Source: Screenshot via YouTube.

Clearly, the president has been stressed. No, he did not have to worry about catching the coronavirus or not having enough to eat as many of those he promised to protect had done. He felt that his concern was far greater: making certain he won the November presidential election.

The month that he shut down the government in a standoff against the Democrats’ House over paying for his wall on the nation’s southern border with Mexico, he played 69 days. That broke the record among presidents. He invited golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods to play with him. Trump complained to friends during the shutdown that he missed Mar-a-Lago and being at his Florida golf course.

Of course, when President Obama was in office, POTUS complained bitterly about how much golf the then-president played, according to The Washington Post:

‘Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf?’

Yet, Obama only played about 38 rounds of golf each year. Compare that to Trump’s 70 rounds average. The sitting commander-in-chief owns 16 golf courses. Three of them are in  Jupiter FL, Sterling VA, and in Turnberry, Scotland.

The president’s new game is a TrackMan system that could simulate those courses, according to TrackMan Golf:

‘[I]ncludes a faux-grass mat, which serves as the tee box and fairway. It has a large flexible screens onto which a virtual golf course is projected. That system offers choices. Players can play on a digital copy of the famous St. Andrews course in Scotland or on fictional courses made up just for the game. One offers the chance to play nine holes among “temples, volcanoes, and dinosaur skeletons” in a South American jungle.’

The virtual golfers hit a real ball aiming at the screen. Then, the games’:

‘[S]ensors track the speed, spin and path of the ball. Then, the computer takes over. It transforms that real shot into a virtual one and shows the ball soaring over fairways (or dinosaur skeletons) toward the hole. When the digital ball rolls to a stop, the player resets with a real ball and smacks it into the screen again.

The sites marketing reads:

‘Feel the excitement of playing real golf on beautiful courses year round.’

This game lets the virtual players “analyze their own shots and practice without playing on a virtual course.” It takes about an hour to play 18 holes alone. One of the game site’s customers said it took him three hours to three and one-half hours to play with three friends.

More importantly, does the golf game let a president cheat and does it let him ride around it in a miniaturized golf cart?

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