Latest Electoral College Projections Show Massive Surge & Blowout


President Donald Trump may be well on his way to a crushing defeat this November. As of Tuesday morning, according to RealClearPolitics, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads Trump by an average of a staggering 9.8 percent in national polls, and Biden also leads in polls of a large number of crucial swing states, including many that Trump won in 2016. New electoral college projections shared by CNN’s Harry Enten outline how it’s possible that Biden will end up with over 400 electoral votes in the final count after the general election this November. Enten reiterates that the results definitely aren’t set in stone, and circumstances could change — but Democrats are doing well enough that a Biden win of over 400 electoral votes is possible.

Enten outlines the 400+ electoral vote scenario by starting with an assumption that Biden wins all of the states that Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Added on to that total, recent polls show Biden leading in crucial swing states around the country, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Adding all of these states onto Biden’s total would leave him with “just south of 370 electoral votes,” Enten explains. It only takes a couple more states to put Biden over the 400 electoral vote mark — in both Iowa and Texas, “Biden was down just a point in two high quality polls released in June,” and if those states get tacked onto his total, Biden ends up with over 400 electoral votes.

Again — this scenario is definitely not set in stone, but it’s possible. If it plays out, it would be the largest win for a Democratic presidential nominee since Lyndon Johnson won with a huge landslide victory in 1964.

Enten explains:

‘Former Vice President Joe Biden is well ahead in the national polls right now. More importantly, he holds the advantage in the pivotal swing states. Chances are Biden will still be ahead come November and that he’ll win a comfortable, not blowout win. Still, it’s worth emphasizing that with more than four months to go there’s an incredibly wide range of results that are within the margin of error. Biden could win the largest landslide for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964 — or he could lose to President Donald Trump. For Biden to score a huge win, very little needs to change.’

Trump, for his part, has consistently tried to discredit the data that reveals his increasingly dismal political prospects. After results from a recent Fox News poll revealed Trump losing to Biden by a full 12 percent nationally, Trump promptly complained on Twitter about the supposed “phony” polling from the network. Separately, his campaign sent a letter to CNN demanding an apology and retraction after they shared a separate recent poll that revealed Trump losing by double-digits on the national level.

Biden has consistently been very direct with his campaigning. For example, he recently spoke out against the Trump administration’s decision to suspend green cards amidst the Coronavirus-induced economic uncertainty.

Biden commented:

‘This is yet another attempt to distract from this Administration’s failure to lead an effective response to COVID-19. Immigrants help grow our economy and create jobs. The President can’t scapegoat his way out of this crisis.’

Based on poll numbers, voters are clearly listening.