Obama Humiliates Trump During Joint Fundraiser Appearance With Biden


This Tuesday, former President Barack Obama hit the virtual campaign trail, participating in a fundraiser for the presidential candidacy of Joe Biden. Obama appeared alongside the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in a web broadcast which supporters were asked to donate before getting access to, and according to Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, a staggering over 175,000 people signed up for the broadcast — which is a hugely higher number than the around 6,200 who showed up for Trump’s recent in-person rally in Tulsa.

During the web event, according to some participants, Obama was blunt — he harshly criticized Donald Trump for faults including his exploitation of divisions in the U.S., and he lauded Biden as someone who can be counted on in his own right and when it comes to the people who he fills his administration with.

In the era of Trump, of course, not only the presidency is in trouble, but so are the many offices making up the administration that have been filled up with incompetent shills for Trump’s far-right agenda. Obama commented:

‘Joe’s been around for a while, and sometimes what happens is we take that for granted. There is a tendency to look for the new or shiny object

And according to apparent participants, Obama added, discussing Biden:

‘I have said this before and I will say it again…this is somebody who throughout his career has shown he is in it for the right reasons, who says how can I help? Nobody is higher or lower than you and everybody deserves a fair shake… Biden has shown throughout his career that he didn’t get into politics to get rich. He understands having the best people who can organize to solve problems. What counts the most is they have the kind of character that stands up when the going gets tough.’

Trump has seemed very anxious about Democratic political prospects recently. In an interview that aired this week with Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), Trump even accused Obama of treason — a crime that is traditionally punished via execution. Obama, of course, did not commit treason. Trump just seems wildly desperate.