Pence Falls On Camera While Running Up Steps


Donald Trump loves to attack his political rival, Joe Biden, over the times he trips over words due to a childhood stutter, calling him “mentally incompetent” and that he is too old to be president (he’s three years older than Trump).

As it turns out, the Trump administration can’t seem to stay on their feet without assistance. Perhaps this is the real health crisis America should be worried about?

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence was boarding Air Force Two to travel to Wisconsin. waving at reporters before trying to jog his way up the stairs to the plane. In a fall heard ’round the world, he slipped and fell flat on his face, quickly popping back up to signal that he was okay.

Pence’s fall follows Trump’s weird shuffle down a ramp at West Point’s graduation ceremony, which he explained away by saying he didn’t want to give the press the satisfaction of seeing him “bust my a**.” As it turns out, everyone talked about him all the worse, questioning his age and his mental acumen in the face of his seeming inability to drink water with one hand or walk down a ramp without struggling. That argument came full circle for Trump.

All in all, a fall on some stairs is not the most embarrassing moment for the Trump administration, and it’s not even the most embarrassing moment they’ve had on stairs leading to a plane. Trump infamously walked up the stairs to Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. When compared to that moment, Pence’s fall is just amusing.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube