Trump Says Dumb Stuff During Tuesday Night Arizona Rally Flop


After a pitiful showing at his first rally back on the campaign trail in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, Donald Trump decided to visit Phoenix, Arizona, where the worst outbreak of COVID-19 has been happening recently, to give a small rally celebrating his non-existent and ridiculous border wall.

For some reason, 3,000 students lined up to see Trump give the exact same speech he gave on Saturday, which was both live-streamed and available in full on Fox News. They cheered riotously when Trump, twice, referred to COVID-19 as the “Kung Flu,” delighted by his race baiting. They cheered that line of rhetoric even more when Trump said “I just got back from something you like very much, the border wall,” ecstatic at the idea of locking brown people out of the country.

Trump played up the drama and his “us versus them” narrative, a favorite of dictators throughout history, getting cheers for his stance against “left and left wing intolerance,” telling his supporters that “we will never surrender to mob violence.”

Trump was thanked on Twitter and during the event by Students for Trump founder, Ryan Fournier was not accompanied by the group’s co-founder, John Lambert, who is currently serving prison time for wire fraud.

‘According to the federal government, at the same time he was building a nationwide political network and serving as one of the most visible young faces of Trump’s populist movement, Lambert was also posing online as a high-powered New York lawyer, eventually making off with tens of thousands of dollars in fees he stole from unwitting clients seeking legal services.’

For all the joys of hearing Trump say awful things about black protesters, Chinese people, and undocumented immigrants, students in Phoenix risked their lives. Very few people were seen wearing masks and Trump failed to wear one despite the mayor’s pleas that he set an example for his attendees.

In a statement, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallegos said in a statement released on Tuesday that:

‘While I do not believe an event of this magnitude can be held safely, particularly as Arizona sees rising COVID cases, the president has decided to continue with this rally…We’ve seen tremendous compliance with the mask ordinance that went into effect this weekend. Everyone attending tomorrow’s event, particularly any elected official, should set an example to residents by wearing a mask. This includes the President.’

Featured image screenshot via Twitter