Trump Suggests Challenging Biden To Cognitive Test


The American people have a right to know about Donald Trump’s current state of health. His first White House physician lied for him, and the current ones are not talking about this  74-year-old who managed to grow an inch since he took office. No other president has ever made that claim.

Last November POTUS and his physician made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. That left people questioning his state of health. The president’s talking heads claimed that he was just going over to “begin portions of his routine annual physical,” according to The Vox. However, the answer seemed to be a bit off at the time:

‘But the White House’s complete lack of credibility on issues from crowd size to foreign affairs makes it disconcertingly easy to disbelieve what officials say. While there would likely be fewer questions surrounding Trump’s health if the White House hadn’t long established a reputation for lying about everything, there are a number of indicators that something out of the norm went down on Saturday afternoon.’

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The president has this strange idea that being sick means being weak. Critics can push his button by simply calling him weak or question instances when he shows his age. There are times when he has appeared frail or confused. He would be better off not criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental and physical health. It would bring less attention to his own state of health.

Trump had a 10-minute cognitive screen test during his 2018 physical, and now he has trouble letting go of his self-described dazzling results. He appeared to be unduly impressed with his ability to repeat five words in order.

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Physicals can be cursory, and people have been known to drop dead right after “acing” their physicals. The test he took, The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, was far from in-depth:

‘[It[ includes animal pictures and other simple queries aimed at detecting mild cognitive impairment such as dementia — was intended to quell questions about Trump’s mental fitness. But in recalling it, Trump said he thought presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would never be able to pass it and suggested challenging him to take the test.’

The president claimed that the ramp at West Point where he gave an address was slippery as “an ice-skating rink.” Then, he said he ran down the last several feet. He added that he used both hands to drink a glass of water. Otherwise, it would have dripped onto his very expensive silk tie, according to The Washington Post:

‘Anyway, that’s a long story, but here’s the story. I’ve lived with the ramp and the water since I left West Point.’

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Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) referred to the COVID-19 pandemic deaths:

‘In the middle of the worst economy in a century and with more than a hundred thousand Americans dead this guy is primarily concerned with not looking weak. And his endless, bottomless insecurity was onstage, in three dimensions, during that storytelling moment, for everyone to see. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in the last four years but that display of juvenile behavior and self-regard will go in the Trump time capsule.’

Press Secretary for Biden, TJ Ducklo released this statement:

‘For someone so obsessed with appearing strong, Donald Trump shows us every day just how weak he is…Donald Trump doesn’t care about the health or economic prosperity of the American people. He only cares about himself.’

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The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group of Republicans and former Republicans released a new 45-second ad. It started:

‘Something’s wrong with Donald Trump…He’s shaky, weak, trouble speaking, trouble walking. The most powerful office in the world needs more than a weak, unfit, shaky president.’

Strategic Advisor for Republican Voters Against Trump, Mike Murphy, said that he thought Trump’s “obsession with never seeming weak belied a deeper insecurity, making this particular line of attack particularly devastating:”

‘And now the strong guy — the strength image — is melting and we found out how weak and needy he is. If it’s “Sleepy Joe,”-we have “Weak, Needy Donald” and that is his kryptonite.’

The Trump campaign has been releasing its own ads. “Fortitude” made fun of the former VP. The narrators spoke:

‘Joe Biden is slipping . . . Biden is clearly diminished. Joe Biden does not have the strength, the stamina, and mental fortitude required to lead this country.’

In a statement, Spokesperson for the White House Sarah Matthews said that her boss did not share any “physical or mental weaknesses that he accuses Biden of possessing:”

‘I challenge anyone who absurdly questions this president’s health to spend one day trying to keep up with his rigorous schedule. This president never stops — whether it’s working early in the morning or late into the evening.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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