Hillary Issues Thursday Trolling Of Trump Over Failed COVID-19 Response


While Donald Trump is busy attacking people on Twitter and holding failed campaign rallies, more than 122,000 Americans are now dead from COVID-19 and the federal government is ending all funding for testing sites. Trump’s demands about slowing down testing so the numbers won’t look so bad for him in an election year are finally being fulfilled.

On Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted about Trump’s lack of leadership on the virus response. Reminding followers that Trump is not responsible for the virus itself, but certainly for the failed attempt to bring it under control, Clinton said:

‘Donald Trump isn’t responsible for the corona virus. But he is responsible for the disastrous lack of leadership that has led to 122,000 deaths in the U.S. and counting.’

While Trump tries to forget that there’s still a pandemic, which was on the decline prior to his demands that businesses reopen because the hard-struck economy would hurt him in November, cases and deaths are on the rise.

Healthline reports that:

‘On Wednesday morning, the United States recorded more than 45,000 new confirmed COVID-19 cases during the past 24 hours.┬áThat easily broke the previous single day record set on April 26.’

It goes without saying that Donald Trump is not qualified to handle real threats to American lives, not from a virus or unemployment increases or civil unrest, yet all three of those plague his presidency and highlight his incompetence. While the election season races to a finish, all of these are the last thing Trump needs. Let’s just hope it’s the one thing that will get him removed from the White House in November.

For more about the rise in COVID-19 cases, see below:

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