New Trump Vs Biden ‘Battleground State’ Poll Has GOP Clutching Pearls


Unless people have a family member or friend struck down by the coronavirus pandemic, it is extremely difficult to grasp the enormity and the profound deadliness of this disease. It has struck enough people that Donald Trump’s ineptitude has begun to show up in the latest swing state polls. The 50 million unemployed do not help his case. The center of the country has just begun to feel COVID-19’s bitter hand. Although the polls look bad for POTUS now, soon they will register the number of the deadly ill kids who attended Trump’s Arizona rally.

This Junior High Band can give us some insight into the magnitude of COVID-19 Americans face. As these 50 kids play America the Beautiful, imagine Trump wiping them off of the face of the earth. Then, imagine him obliterating 2,480 more junior high marching bands. That was exactly what this unfeeling and uncaring man has done to our country, and this is what the polls say.

Joe Biden holds a strong lead among registered voters in six battleground states carried by Donald Trump in 2016.

People are ready for a change. Donald Trump is still playing himself as the leading character in a White House reality show, beloved by his millions of fans. He does not treat his job as helping improve the lives of Americans, of governing. this great country. Joe Biden does, though.

The reality has begun to hit people really hards as they recognize how shallow, useless, and yes dangerous POTUS has been over the past three and a half years.  The voters expected more of this man, so now they are. turning to President Barack Obama’s vice president for help.

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In swing states that won the man currently sitting in the Oval Office the Electoral College, Biden has been leading in double-digits. These battleground states are Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Trump’s advantage with white voters has nearly disappeared, while Biden has an overwhelming 21-point lead among white college graduates. If the presidential election was held today in. these three states, POTUS would just barely squeak ahead. In 2016, the commander-in-chief won by almost 10 points.

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In 2016, the president won the working-class voters who carried him into office. Even so, he lost the popular vote. If Democrats win the Senate and the presidency, doing away with the Electoral College has been floated. The idea’s time has come, and hopefully, Democrats will take their opportunity while it lasts.

Trump still does better than Biden in these swing states but just barely, as the latest polls show. According to the latest Times/Siena poll that came out on Wednesday, according to The New York Times:

‘A separate Times/Siena survey released on Wednesday found Mr. Biden leading by 14 points nationwide, 50 percent to 36 percent. Mr. Biden would win the presidency with at least 333 electoral votes, far more than the 270 needed, if he won all six of the states surveyed and held those won by Hillary Clinton four years ago. Most combinations of any three of the six states — which include Florida, Arizona and North Carolina — would suffice.’

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Although the election seems to be in the far distant future, it r is just four months from now. A lot can happen between now and then. Health experts predict a resurgence of the coronavirus during the fall flu season, and they say it will be worse than the first round. The reason is that people’s immune systems will not be as strong as they were during the first round:

‘As of now, 59 percent of voters in Michigan disapprove of Mr. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, the highest level of disapproval in any battleground state polled. And nearly 40 percent of registered voters there, including 11 percent of Republicans, say he has treated their state worse than others in response to the pandemic.’

Another problem is that even after people contract this strange new virus, there is no evidence of how long their immunity to the disease will last or even whether there is any immunity to it.

According to the polls:

‘Over all, 42 percent of voters in the battleground states approve of how Mr. Trump is handling his job as president, while 54 percent disapprove.’

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The stock market has held firm up until now, but that is not the same entity as the economy. The White House has been taking down funding for testing sites across the nation, especially in the hardest-hit areas, such as Texas. The administration has also turned down additional financing for the stats and for economic safety nets. A separate New York Times article reported:

‘But for now, the findings confirm that the president’s political standing has deteriorated sharply since October, when Times/Siena polls found Mr. Biden ahead by just two percentage points across the same six states (the gap is now nine points). Since then, the nation has faced a series of crises that would pose a grave political challenge to any president seeking re-election. The polls suggest that battleground-state voters believe the president has struggled to meet the moment.’

National polls have indicated that the Black Lives Matter Movement has taken hold in a way that was not reflected in the 2016 presidential election:

‘The Times/Siena polls find that white voters in the battleground states support the recent protests and agree with the movement’s major complaints about the criminal justice system, including that the death of Mr. Floyd is part of a broader pattern of excessive police violence, and that the criminal justice system is biased against African-Americans. They disapprove of how the president is handling both the recent protests and race relations more generally.’

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Now, a majority of voters would prefer a candidate who cares about the underlying reason for the protests:

‘A majority of voters, 63 percent, say they would rather back a presidential candidate who focuses on the cause of protests, even when the protests go too far, while just 31 percent say they would prefer to support a candidate who says we need to be tough on demonstrations that go too far.’


The latest polls indicate that Biden’s support has not increased among nonwhite voters:

‘Perhaps more surprisingly, Mr. Biden has also made few to no gains among nonwhite voters, despite the national attention on criminal justice and racism over the last month. Over all, Mr. Biden leads among black voters by 83 percent to 7 percent, up only slightly from October. Hispanic voters back Mr. Biden by 62-26, also essentially unchanged. Neither lead exceeds Mrs. Clinton’s margin in the final polls from 2016.’

The former vice president’s lead is attributed to Trump’s weaknesses and failings:

‘Over all, 55 percent of Mr. Biden’s supporters say their vote is more a vote against Mr. Trump than a vote for Mr. Biden, while 80 percent of Mr. Trump’s supporters say they’re mainly voting for the president. And Mr. Biden’s gains have come without any improvement in his favorability ratings, even as Mr. Trump’s have plummeted.’

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Generally, 50 percent of the voters in those battleground states have a favorable view of him, and “47 percent who have an unfavorable view:”

‘It’s possible that Mr. Biden will struggle to match his wide lead in the polls at the ballot box. The voters who don’t back either Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump tend to tilt Republican, whether by party registration or by affiliation, and 34 percent say they voted for Mr. Trump in 2016, compared with 20 percent who backed Mrs. Clinton. Some of these voters may return to the president by the end of the race.’

Any advantage among white voters that Trump carried in 2016 has nearly disappeared:

‘despite national attention to the kind of racial issues that many analysts believed propelled his strength among white voters in the first place. If attitudes about race were vital to Mr. Trump’s appeal with white voters, then a foundation of his strength has been badly shaken.’

The New York Times/Siena College poll was taken by 3, 870 randomly-selected registered voters during the time period from June 8 through June 18. The individuals in the polls were in the swing states.

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