New Weekend Trump Approval Poll Results Confirm Massive Shift


In a new NBC/PBS News Hour/Marist poll released on Friday, Trump’s own approval rating sunk to the lowest it has been throughout his presidency. Those polled who either strongly or somewhat approved of Trump’s presidency made up only 40 percent while those who somewhat or strongly disapproved of Trump’s presidency reached 58 percent. The results of their poll matches those in a Gallup poll, one of who found that 41 percent approve of Trump while 57 do not.

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Image via Gallup

According to CNN:

The average president has seen his approval rating shift by just 3 points from now until the election. That would only get Trump into the mid 40s at best. Trump’s approval rating was similar during the 2018 midterms, when his party lost control of the House.

Nationally the poll showed Trump down by 18 points to Biden. The poll’s results fell along party lines, but Republican women were less likely to approve of Trump than Republican men at 86 percent for women and 93 percent for men. Among college graduates, Trump is down with a 67 percent disapproval rating compared to a 32 percent approval rating. 93 percent of black Americans disapprove of Trump while five percent of African Americans do, and Latino voters disapprove of Trump at 67 percent and 32 percent approve.

Among voters under 45, Trump has a only a 30 percent approval rating and a 50 percent approval rating with those over 45. There are other indications that the enthusiasm among Republicans for Trump is also waning. While 95 percent of Democratic voters said they intended to vote for Joe Biden, only 91 percent of Republicans said the same about Trump. Seven percent of Republicans said they will vote for Biden with only three percent of Democrats saying the same.

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