Roger Stone Pathetically Grovels To Trump For A Pardon


This week, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered longtime Trump ally Roger Stone to report to prison on July 14 and denied Stone’s request for a longer time until he has to begin his over three-year prison sentence following a conviction on charges relating to obstruction of justice. Subsequently, Stone rushed to social media with an apparent plea for a pardon from President Donald Trump, who has indicated that he’s open to the idea of pardoning his longtime ally, although Stone is clearly guilty of the crimes of which he has been accused. On Instagram, Stone posted an image of him in a pose that former President Richard Nixon infamously used, and he included, in big white letters on a red background, “Pardon.”

In the caption of his post, Stone used familiarly outrageous language to describe his situation. He called Judge Jackson, for instance, a “deep state executioner,” in reference to the fact that Stone alleges that his jail sentence could be constitute a de facto death sentence because of the rampant spread of the Coronavirus in prisons. He also noted that he is “in great spirits and continues to be confident that God will deliver me from my demonic persecutors” — which is disturbingly apocalyptic language.

Check out the post below:

There’s an important point, though — the virus has not actually been discovered in the Georgia prison that Stone is slated to fulfill his sentence at, and Stone has been ordered to remain under home confinement until his sentence’s start date. Thus, he’s essentially self-quarantining prior to his prison sentence in order to give time for symptoms to appear if he happens to be carrying the Coronavirus, a step which helps protect the prison environment that Stone acts so concerned about.

Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, Trump actually made a Twitter post that suggested he was on board with Stone’s apparent pleas for a pardon. He retweeted something from a pro-Trump Twitter user named Lori Hendry, who insisted in the post that Trump retweeted that “it’s time to pardon Roger Stone.” Trump, of course, is the one who would likely issue that pardon if it ever did come.

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