Biden Trolls Trump Over ‘Cognitive Ability’ Like America’s Next President


During Tuesday remarks, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden harshly criticized Trump for the abject failure of his response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump has rarely let up with his praise for himself and his administration for their supposed job well done, but over 125,000 Americans have died, and confirmed cases and Coronavirus-related hospitalizations are spiking big time in some places around the country. Trump has previously compared fighting the Coronavirus to fighting a war, and in his Tuesday remarks, Biden described how Trump’s behavior has left Americans stranded as if their “wartime president” left them on the battlefield and went home.

Biden commented:

‘He called himself a wartime president. Remember when he exhorted the nation to sacrifice together in — quote — in the face of this inevitable and invisible enemy. What happened? Now, it’s almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered, waved the white flag, and left the battlefield. Today, we’re facing a serious threat, and we have to meet it. We have to meet it as one country, but the president gives no direction, and he pits us against one another. We can’t continue like this — half recovering and half getting worse. We can’t continue half wearing masks and half rejecting science.’

Watch below:

Most recently, a lot of the messaging from the president has focused on trying to downplay rises in Coronavirus cases around the country. He’s tried to pin blame for the rising case numbers on rising tests, but that’s not a correct assessment of the situation. In some areas, rates of confirmed new cases have been rising at a rate that’s significantly sharper than the rates at which testing has been increasing.

The portions of tests coming back positive have been growing — if the virus’s spread was contained, then as the number of tests goes up, the portion of them coming back positive should go down. As of Sunday, the skyrocketing positivity rate in Texas had surpassed 13 percent, meaning that over 13 percent of tests were coming back positive. The increases in overall confirmed cases are not just because of more tests — they’re because the virus is spreading.

During his Tuesday remarks, at which he took questions from reporters, Biden also addressed the scandal over bounties that Russian authorities are alleged to have placed on U.S. troops. Trump has denied knowledge of the alleged bounties, and on Twitter recently, he even ludicrously claimed that the bounties could have been made up by his political opponents just to make him look bad. (There is absolutely zero evidence of that suggestion, obviously.)

Biden quipped:

‘This president talks about cognitive capability. He doesn’t seem to be cognitively aware of what’s going on.’

It’s true — the Trump campaign has tried to depict Biden as somehow unfit for the presidency, although Trump himself is only a few years or so behind Biden in age. Also — Trump routinely speaks in strange word salads, as if he’s trying to spout off enough words to mask the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing as president.